Cycling is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and when you plan properly it can be a great activity year round! Here are some top tips for staying safe when cycling at times when Mother Nature seems to throw a wrench in your plans

Cycling tips on driving your bike in inclement weather

Don’t let inclement weather stop you from biking. Cycling is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and when planned properly it can be a great activity year-round! With spring around the corner, here are some tips for staying safe. Especially at times when Mother Nature seems to throw a wrench in your plans on that next bike adventure.

WingLights is an inexpensive blinker light system for bicycles to display a very visible directional turn signal at an intersections.

Making a bicycling experience safer with a handlebar blinker light system

We have shared blinker systems embedded in bicycle helmets, rear mounted signaling lights and now for those who have flat handlebars, the WingLights. This inexpensive directional light system (a perfect stocking stuffer) easily mounts into each end of the handlebars. Then, when making a turn, simply tap the light at the end of the right or left handle grip and move to the proper lane. Just like signaling when driving a car.

Minnesota High School MTB races challenged by Mother Nature

After a successful MN MTB League Race #1 in Austin, MN, the last week of August. Races #2 and #3 of the Minnesota High School Cycling League were challenged by Mother Nature with wet weather, cancellations and a shorter race track. As racers and spectators arrived at Lake Rebecca, near Rockford, MN for Race Weekend #2 on September 7th the rain arrived soon after. But, even with damp and soggy race conditions, the racing excitement stayed strong for the day. With strong rains pounding the area through the evening, Sunday races had to be canceled. The following weekend rainy weather returned to haunt Race #3. But the community had a couple of tricks to keep the race running and stay-off another cancellation.

Using visibility for safety and fun in fall’s limited light

With school now in session and fall in full swing, we should all consider using the visible gear now available as a key component so we are better seen while riding our bikes. The two main forms of visibility we need to focus on are passive and active visibility. Things like reflectors and bright colors are forms of passive visibility. While lights and blinkers are great examples of active visibility. Read on to see where each one is helpful and most efficient.

Enjoying the colorful trees along the trail as they get close to peak.

Peak color destinations and times to ride in the upper Midwest this Fall

With the summer season unofficially off the calendar, fall is a great time to extend your bike riding adventures in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. As the leaves change colors along the miles of paved and mountain bike trails, cyclists will find a kaleidoscope of peak colors at every turn. Especially with the abundant rainfall, we have had this year. Colors along the trails and roadways are predicted to be spectacular. If the weather remains mostly sunny during the day with cooler temps at night, conditions favor stunning vistas while exploring the upper Midwest. Enjoy!

In celebration of its annual art festival next weekend, Lakeville, MN will host it third Tour of Lakeville on Sept 15.

Take a Tour of Lakeville on your bike before their fall Art Festival

With the Lakeville Art Festival soon here, learn more about the trails and bike friendly street routes around town on the Tour of Lakeville. This year the Pedal in the Parks ride series starts and ends at Pioneer Plaza Park on Saturday, September 15th. The park plaza is located in downtown Lakeville where the Art Festival takes place, Saturday and Sunday on the same weekend. The scenic route of this years bike tour will help those who participate learn how to safely get around Lakeville.

Summer fun for you and the kids is two wheels away. Here are the best ways to keep your kid's bike working well and operating safely.

Tips and tricks for keeping your kid’s bike running smooth and safe

Summer fun for you and the kids is two wheels away. It is a time to bond and explore a new area of the neighborhood and maybe share some life lessons? Sadly, that fun can come to a premature end if the bike breaks down. Here are the best ways to keep your kid’s bike working well and operating safely.

Discovering how things work here is a group of neighborhood kids learning about bicycle maintenance. 

Teaching your child the ancient art of bicycle maintenance

As a parent and tinkerer, one of the most fun activities I share with my boys is teaching them how things work. Now that my older son is riding more, and reviewing a bike for us, the time has come to teach him how a bike works. almost everybody gets the basics, but after 20 years working in shops, I want to give as much of my experience to him as possible. Take a look at my plan for teaching my son bicycle maintenance.