A boy riding in the woods with family

Bloomington’s Natural Trail Network

A Family fun mountain bike destination the Minnesota River Bottoms is a fun place to ride throughout the year.

A bicycle with a flat tire

Protect Your Gear

Bike locks vary, how to pick the right one for your bicycles safety

If you are looking for a gently used bike in the south Twin City Metro, you may be in luck if you are in town on Saturday, May 11th.

An Ounce Of Prevention Can Help Alleviate Problems Down The Road

Quick and easy tips for proper bicycle maintenance to keep your bike in top shape.

It’s Friday and time to ride off on another weekend of fun.

Say No To Cabin Fever!

Chasing away the winter blues by visiting a warm weather bike destination.

Pedaling along the bike lane in Amsterdam

A Trip Of A Lifetime

Pedaling along the bike lanes in Amsterdam, seeing, smelling and tasting the riches of the city.

Picture yourself riding the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) through the wilds of Minnesota, pedaling America's famous 3,000 mile bike system

Mississippi River Trail (MRT)

Picture yourself riding the MRT through the wilds of Minnesota, pedaling the first leg of America’s famous 3,000 mile bike system.

If you are in the Twin Cities over the 4th of July and want to ride, consider the Tour D’Amico bicycle ride.

Explore Waconia And All Its Many Lakeside Attractions

Waconia is a family friendly bike destination a few minutes west of Minneapolis.

A bicycle in grass with cyclists standing in background

Bike The Twin Cities Gateway

Plan and explore the Twin Cities Gateway with more than a hundred miles of trail and fun activities along the way.

Download the
HFB MN Guide

Download the HaveFunBiking guide

This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Minnesota to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

Download the
HFB IA Guide

Download the HaveFunBiking guide

This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Iowa to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

From the Blog

Bike Pic July 5, a post-holiday ride, extends the 4th of July fun!

A post holiday ride to extend the 4th of July fun!

This Friday, extend your holiday fun along the Mississippi River Trail.

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Building the ultimate commuter bike with what’s in your garage

I have seen many people put off using a commuter bike because they felt they didn't have the right bicycle, not realizing it was already in their garage.

I have used a commuter bike almost exclusively for the past twenty years. In that time, I have seen many people put off commuting by bicycle because they felt they didn't have the right bike. While the right gear is important, many don't realize that the right equipment is closer than they think. Take a look at how I would build the perfect bike for commuting. It may surprise you how close it might be to that bike hanging in your garage.

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Fun memories and spectacular views on the Mesabi Trail Tour

Join old and new friends on the Mesabi Trail Tour for the most fun you can have on two wheels. The 2024 Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour returns on August 10th with five fun distances for your next bike adventure. Choose from 5 different routes – 12, 26, 46, 58, or 70 miles. All routes travel out and back on Mesabi Trail from one start/finish location in Buhl Park, Buhl, MN. 

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5-tips to extend a lithium battery life for e-bikes and other power tools

Electric bicycles and e-power tools are becoming increasingly common in most countries worldwide. Here are some tips to extend the lithium battery life.

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Central Minnesota mountain bike trails can add fun throughout the year

In Central Minnesota, you will find an extensive network of single-track and easy-to-moderate mountain bike trails to enjoy in spring, summer, Fall, or Winter. Explore the following list, with many state, regional, and city parks that maintain off-road trails to provide riders at every skill level with a fun experience. Whether seeking a serene roll or a challenging thrill, there’s no shortage of mountain bike trails to explore in Minnesota. When planning that next adventure in the Heartland, here are several trail systems to choose from.

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Bike tune-up tricks for better cycling performance

Do you want your bike to go faster, ride more effortlessly, and shift smoother after your annual bike shop check-up? Here are four relatively simple tune-up tasks that don't require any special knowledge or tools, and you should see a long-lasting improvement in your bikes performance:

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