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This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Minnesota to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

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This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Iowa to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

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Biking around Albert Lea may add a little Rock n’ Roll to your summer fun

Many Cyclists riding around Albert Lea Lake enjoyable

Summer is just around the corner, and with things opening up from COVID-19, I have a big decision to make. Where should I go for my first out-of-town weekend bike getaway? For me, one favorite is Albert Lea, Minnesota. Offering a beautiful bike route around Fountain Lake, then connecting to the Blazing Star State Trail. Another option is to follow one of the routes from the annual bike ride called Rock n' Roll the Lakes. Normally scheduled in June, the events bike routes can offer cyclists many fun, scenic Southern Minnesota tour options for that #NextBikeAdventure.

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Winter in a bike shop is a great time to visit and learn!

Give a call to the shops closest to you and verify they have the models you want to test ride.

The winter months are the perfect time to visit a bike shop! Other than just enjoying bikes at a time when you may not be riding, there are many benefits to visiting your bike shop during the ‘down’ cooler time of the year. In the slower winter months you can learn more, get better deals and faster service.

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Hastings 10-mile trail loop allows riders scenery along two rivers

Biking around Hastings new 10-mile Scenic Circuit loop describes the route that follows along both the Mississippi and Vermilion rivers for all ages and skill levels

Biking along the Mississippi River Trail is just one of the many opportunities visitors will find in Hastings, MN. As this historic river town expands its bicycle infrastructure, I had to make it back to check out the recently completed 10-mile trail loop. Dubbed the “Scenic Circuit” cyclist of all ages and abilities will find this scenic loop that follows along both the Vermilion and Mississippi rivers breathtaking.

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Considering an electric bike, helpful tips before buying

An electric bike is perfect for commuting to work.

The real advantages of an electric bike or e-bike include their climbing efficiency, taking a bite out of wind resistance, and the ability to expand your range of travel. Before purchasing an e-bike, it is important to know how far you want to go and what type of terrain you will be riding it on.

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Bike noises that can ruin a great ride may be easy to fix with these tips

Bikes are fun to ride. Any distraction from that fun can be annoying. One distraction that is easy to eliminate is the various annoying noises your bike can make. It’s easy to eliminate because as your bike makes noise, it’s telling you what’s wrong. Here are some of the most common noises and their causes.

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Ride your bike around Brainerd Lakes Area and discover northern fun

Ride into the Brainerd Lakes Area and you'll see what people love about northern Minnesota. Ride the open roads or the Paul Bunyan Trail and more.

The farther you drive into northern Minnesota, the more you'll find yourself surrounded by trees, lakes, and never-ending roads and trails, and the Brainerd Lakes Area is no exception. When you want to escape the city for a taste of the come-stay-a-while vibe of relaxing by a lakeside, you're in luck.

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