A boy riding in the woods with family

Bloomington’s Natural Trail Network

A Family fun mountain bike destination the Minnesota River Bottoms is a fun place to ride throughout the year.

A bicycle with a flat tire

Protect Your Gear

Bike locks vary, how to pick the right one for your bicycles safety

If you are looking for a gently used bike in the south Twin City Metro, you may be in luck if you are in town on Saturday, May 11th.

An Ounce Of Prevention Can Help Alleviate Problems Down The Road

Quick and easy tips for proper bicycle maintenance to keep your bike in top shape.

It’s Friday and time to ride off on another weekend of fun.

Say No To Cabin Fever!

Chasing away the winter blues by visiting a warm weather bike destination.

Pedaling along the bike lane in Amsterdam

A Trip Of A Lifetime

Pedaling along the bike lanes in Amsterdam, seeing, smelling and tasting the riches of the city.

Picture yourself riding the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) through the wilds of Minnesota, pedaling America's famous 3,000 mile bike system

Mississippi River Trail (MRT)

Picture yourself riding the MRT through the wilds of Minnesota, pedaling the first leg of America’s famous 3,000 mile bike system.

If you are in the Twin Cities over the 4th of July and want to ride, consider the Tour D’Amico bicycle ride.

Explore Waconia And All Its Many Lakeside Attractions

Waconia is a family friendly bike destination a few minutes west of Minneapolis.

A bicycle in grass with cyclists standing in background

Bike The Twin Cities Gateway

Plan and explore the Twin Cities Gateway with more than a hundred miles of trail and fun activities along the way.

Download the
HFB MN Guide

Download the HaveFunBiking guide

This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Minnesota to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

Download the
HFB IA Guide

Download the HaveFunBiking guide

This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Iowa to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

From the Blog

Ride the early spring gravel race in the driftless area

The Driftless 100 Ride Gravel Race (previously the Volga City 105) is a hilly road race (mainly gravel) through Clayton County. And yes, this race is in Iowa, if your bike knows no borders. A short distance from the Minnesota border, you will find beautiful landscapes in one of Iowa's best-kept secret places. If you are ready to get some training miles in, this gravel race is on Saturday, April 27th is the way to kick off spring. Here, you will find over 10,000 feet of climbing on the 100, 50, and 25-mile race course. 

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As ’30 Days of Biking’ ends, here are more spring events to enjoy!

Thanks to the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (Bike MN) recent newsletter. Here are more spring bike/walk events scheduled for May and into the summer that might interest you.

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Southeast Minnesota has a new bike ride tradition

Join “We Bike Rochester” in southeast Minnesota as they celebrate the incredible trail network that winds around the city with the Med City Meander, on Mary 25th. For years, "We Bike Rochester" has been working to bring community engagement around biking and walking. MCM has partnered with the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN) to create an event highlighting local businesses, beautiful natural areas, and outdoor fun in Rochester. Register today and save!

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Solve common cycling mistakes easily for more fun

Take a look below at some of the most common and damaging cycling mistakes and solutions made by newbies and seasoned riders alike.

Mistakes are something humans can't escape, but nobody is perfect. That said, we can try to eliminate some of the simple errors we may make without ever realizing we are proceeding down the wrong path. Consider taking a look below at some of the most common and damaging cycling mistakes made by newbies and seasoned riders alike.

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Minnesota mountain bike trails to shred

Whatever your riding style, downhill, cross-country, or a leisurely ride after work, you'll find plenty of mountain biking trails. Minnesota offers many off-road trails to shred. No matter your skill level, you will find plenty of glaciated ridges: lush forests, and open prairies to explore. Plan your next outdoor adventures with our list of mountain bike trails in Minnesota. You will find many fun opportunities year-round, as many trails are open for fat biking throughout winter.

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The MN Ironman Bike Ride is now the Freebike ride

Since 1967, the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride has challenged bicyclists around the upper Midwest yearly. Today, Free Bikes 4 Kidz (FB4K’z), the event's benefactors, keeps everything cyclists love about Minnesota’s longest-running bike ride, fun. This year they are giving it a new name, a new look, and another new location and routes to the ride. The new name, Freebike, represents the future of the ride and your support of Free Bikes 4 Kid'z MN.

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