A boy riding in the woods with family

Bloomington’s Natural Trail Network

A Family fun mountain bike destination the Minnesota River Bottoms is a fun place to ride throughout the year.

A bicycle with a flat tire

Protect Your Gear

Bike locks vary, how to pick the right one for your bicycles safety

If you are looking for a gently used bike in the south Twin City Metro, you may be in luck if you are in town on Saturday, May 11th.

An Ounce Of Prevention Can Help Alleviate Problems Down The Road

Quick and easy tips for proper bicycle maintenance to keep your bike in top shape.

It’s Friday and time to ride off on another weekend of fun.

Say No To Cabin Fever!

Chasing away the winter blues by visiting a warm weather bike destination.

Pedaling along the bike lane in Amsterdam

A Trip Of A Lifetime

Pedaling along the bike lanes in Amsterdam, seeing, smelling and tasting the riches of the city.

Picture yourself riding the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) through the wilds of Minnesota, pedaling America's famous 3,000 mile bike system

Mississippi River Trail (MRT)

Picture yourself riding the MRT through the wilds of Minnesota, pedaling the first leg of America’s famous 3,000 mile bike system.

If you are in the Twin Cities over the 4th of July and want to ride, consider the Tour D’Amico bicycle ride.

Explore Waconia And All Its Many Lakeside Attractions

Waconia is a family friendly bike destination a few minutes west of Minneapolis.

A bicycle in grass with cyclists standing in background

Bike The Twin Cities Gateway

Plan and explore the Twin Cities Gateway with more than a hundred miles of trail and fun activities along the way.

Download the
HFB MN Guide

Download the HaveFunBiking guide

This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Minnesota to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

Download the
HFB IA Guide

Download the HaveFunBiking guide

This handy bike guide offers free maps of fun destinations in Iowa to explore and also includes hundreds of events to participate in for your #NextBikeAdventure.

From the Blog

Hastings’s 10-mile trail loop allows bicyclists scenery along two rivers

Biking around Hastings new 10-mile Scenic Circuit loop describes the route that follows along both the Mississippi and Vermilion rivers for all ages and skill levels

Biking along the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) is just one of the many fun opportunities cyclists can enjoy when visiting Hastings, MN. As this historic river town expands its bicycle infrastructure, I had to return to Hastings last fall to check out the completed 10-mile trail loop.

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The maps in the new MN Bike/Hike Guide offer many fun places to explore

At HaveFunBiking.com, we hope everyone is planning some fun outings this year. Now in our 15th year of publishing the Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide, tied to all the information at HaveFunBiking, we hope you find all the bike-friendly maps helpful in planning your next adventure. To help you select your next fun outing with family and friends. Consider bookmarking this latest edition of this MN Guide to your cell phone, for easy access when on the go.

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Win this E-bike at HaveFunBiking.com

Sign up for email updates from HaveFunBiking.com, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win this All new Avenue e-bike. The Avenue is a beautifully designed Pedego and well suited to urban riding or commuting. Step-thru frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Powerful 500W 48V power system with a fully integrated battery.

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Bike noises can ruin a great ride and may be easy to fix with these tips

Bikes are fun to ride. Any distraction from that fun can be annoying. One distraction that is easy to eliminate is the various annoying noises your bike can make. It’s easy to eliminate because as your bike makes noise, it’s telling you what’s wrong. Here are some of the most common noises and their causes.

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Helpful tips to consider before purchasing an e-bike

With the popularity of e-bikes (electric-assist bicycles), here are some helpful tips and questions to ask when buying a bike. The top question we have been asked here at HaveFunBiking.com, along with the price of an e-bike, is how the new government rebate program works. What are the e-bike types and styles and battery/motor options available?

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As birds and flowers return, here are several spring events to enjoy!

Thanks to the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (Bike MN) recent newsletter. Here are more spring bike/walk events scheduled for May and into the summer that might interest you.

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