Being a safer driver is easy with a few lessons learned on your bike

As a cyclist or a safer driver you become aware of what drivers of both bikes and cars are doing and learn how to keep yourself safe - observe and practice.

Riding a bike is both a fun sport and an environmentally friendly mode of transportation if done safely. One of the main concerns while riding your bicycle, when traffic is around you, is what to do? As a cyclist, you become aware of what drivers of cars are doing and how to keep yourself safe. Now, what happens when you get back in your car? Here some suggestions to become a safer driver.

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Shoreview’s music will have you dancing on your pedals to natures beat

Shoreview offer miles of paved trail to enjoy

On your bike, Shoreview can be your own city-sized playground, with music every Wednesday night. With the paved trails here, there is no where you can't go. With friendly road routes, trails and sidewalks you can enjoy a bike journey wherever you wish. The city also offers some off road trails to get closer with nature. You may even find some off-road paths worth exploring. And don't forget Slice of Shoreview Days July 27-29.

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