A healthy energy boost makes any off-road cycling adventure better

This bike pic Saturday, enjoy your time out riding the trails with family and friends as the fall colors are at there peak.

If you are like me, I like to carry a few energy boost jell packs while enjoying nature in the wild. On my latest adventure, before the snow covered the Northwoods landscape, I found Trail Butter. Trying them I found they were delicious and provided a level of energy that lasted longer. Plus, having several flavors added to the experience and fun of mountain biking in the true north. 

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A perfect pair of sandals can add to your bicycle touring adventures

If you are like me when cycling in a new area, it is fun to get off the bike and walk around a historical area, along the beach or venture into a shopping area with sandals. Many times these extra-curricular stops can lead to more treasured memories. The only problem, hiking around in bike shoes isn’t always the best for walking. And, even if they are fairly comfortable you don’t want to get them wet or dirty, especially if you use them in conjunction with clip-on pedals. So having a second set of footwear, a pair of comfortable Telic sandals along, can add to your comfort and fun!.

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