MN’s Ironman Bike Ride is back for its 56th year of fun!

MN Ironman Bike Ride 2022

As the summer biking season begins, set a goal starting with the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride, in Shakopee, MN. The longest-running bike ride event in the state this year's ride returns Saturday, June 17th to benefit Free Bikes 4 Kids. All routes start and end in Shakopee’s Huber Park, alongside the Minnesota River.  With touring routes of 36, 60, and 100 miles, they have challenges that will put smiles on everyone’s faces. Even their 5-mile family ride on the winding Minnesota River Valley Trail gives even the littlest peddler a ride to remember. Save now, before ride registration increases!

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Discover the pleasure of biking around Brainerd

Ride into the Brainerd Lakes Area and you'll see what people love about northern Minnesota. Ride the open roads or the Paul Bunyan Trail and more.

The farther you drive north, the more you'll be surrounded by lakes and never ending trails. And the Brainerd Lakes Area is no exception. Here, you are in luck when you want to escape the city to taste the come-stay-for-a-while vibe of relaxing by the lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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Bike commuting necessities and niceties to make your ride great

Bike commuting is an easy way to increase fitness, jump start your energy level, and enjoy nature. Read and learn about what you need to commute in comfort.

Bike commuting is an easy way to add miles, increase fitness, jump start your energy level for the day while enjoying nature, especially with warmer weather. Once you start commuting by bike, you will find the hassle factor lessens while your overall trip acts as your workout for the day. You are saving yourself hours in the gym. Here is a list of other beneficial necessities to make commuting by bike much more enjoyable.

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Being visible and noticed doesn’t end when the sun comes up

Now with spring riding soon in full swing, stay visible and noticed. Wear clothing that makes you stand out to others while riding your bike or walking. Being noticed by others is the key to avoiding accidents. Focus on the two forms, passive and active visibility, to help stay safe. Things like reflectors and bright colors, especially in patterns that make you stand out, are forms of passive visibility. While lights and blinkers are great examples of active visibility, most people focus on nighttime visibility. Though, far more hours are spent in broad daylight riding a bike. Here are a few tips to keep you safe and visible whenever you ride.

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With these tips, wood ticks won’t haunt your next outdoor adventure

Unless you enter the annual Woodtick Races in Cuyuna, MN, these bloodthirsty wood ticks are annoying and could be hazardous to your health. Especially if you are biking or hiking on trails through the woods or in tall grass, take note as you enjoy your outdoor adventures! These little critters, especially if they are deer ticks species, can be nasty.

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Helpful tips to consider before purchasing an e-bike

With the popularity of electric-assist bikes (e-bikes) on the rise, many questions regarding are surfacing at HaveFunBiking, com. Many of these questions covered below emerged last year at the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis and the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair. Of the ten most asked questions, one of the first usually is what does an e-bike cost? Then it's about the best battery/motor combination for your riding style. Plus, eight more popular questions answered to help you find the right e-bike.

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Easy ways to solve common cycling mistakes for more fun

Take a look below at some of the most common and damaging cycling mistakes and solutions made by newbies and seasoned riders alike.

Mistakes are something we as humans can't escape, but nobody is perfect. That said,  what we can do is try to eliminate some of the simple errors we may make without ever realizing we are proceeding down the wrong path. Consider taking a look below at some of the most common and damaging cycling mistakes made by newbies and seasoned riders alike.

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Riding to school can be easy with these tips and tricks

All around the country, bike paths are being built as quickly so riding to school is possible. Many of these paths are routed from neighborhoods to nearby schools in an effort to get more kids energized by riding to school. To encourage your kids to safely ride their bikes to school, please look at our helpful tips below.

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Bike Minnesota’s Salt Lake Birding Festival

With temperature predicted to return into the 60’s, you will find the 45th Annual Salt Lake Birding Weekend on April 29th. Located in Western Minnesota, you will find this event is bike-friendly, and the perfect way to explore the bird haunts. Consider packing up the bikes and family for a spring birding weekend in the Prairie Waters Region area for some fun activities. With many birding haunts on local gravel roads, both fat and gravel-tire bikes work well to quietly approach and view the many species of birds returning to the area.

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Win this E-bike at

Sign up for email updates from, and you’ll be entered to win this e-bike, the all-new Magnum Navigator X. The Navigator is a beautifully designed electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting. Step-thru frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Powerful 500W 48V power system with a fully integrated battery.

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