Micro-mobility devices to test ride at the E-bike Challenge

As consumers gain an ecological awareness of greener transportation with their alternatives in our changing world, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more attractive. Especially with battery and solar technologies speeding forward. The human-powered bike or trike, combined with electric motor assistance, can also make an eco-friendly option when looking at EVs. Known as micro-mobility, please find a shortlist of some of the e-bikes and trikes that you will be able to test ride at the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis.

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Fun biking, skiing or walking on water with these ice safety tips

Visually keep an eye out hazards that may be developing in the ice.

For many not familiar with the bold north, biking or walking on water is a fun winter tradition when incorporating a few ice safety tips into the adventure. Here in the upper Midwest, Mother Nature’s annual temperature swings make it easy to safely the frozen bodies of water. From mid to late December through  February, riding a bike across a body of frozen water is a regular occurrence. This year, ice is already forming, and the fun may begin sooner and extend the season of outdoor fun.

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