The 20th Tour D’ Amico photo recap shows the fun many enjoyed on the 4th

In this photo recap, the Hiawatha Bicycling Club (HBC) celebrates the Tour D’ Amico (TDA) bike ride and picnic for the 20th year. A premier 4th of July bicycle celebration, it all began as a fun club gathering with a goal to bring old and new friends together to build membership and community ties. With the slogan "Eat Well, Laugh Often and Ride" the tradition of Tour D' Amico hasn't changed much over the years with the long-standing partnership with D' Amico and Sons Restaurants. Each year, on Independence Day, the Tour offers several scenic route options with a fabulous picnic lunch at the end. No different this year, the delicious buffet was served al fresco style, around the water fountain at the Golden Valley D' Amico's location. Enjoy by all!

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Staying cool while biking in the hot, humid weather

Here in this bike pic, digging through our summer archives, we captured this biker dude pedaling along the East River Road or Mississippi River Trail on the Saint Paul Bicycle Classic course this fall.

With the return of summer heat, welcoming to most of us here in upper Midwest, we are finally feeling the warmth. With the temperatures again fluctuating up into the high nineties this week and the humidity down right tropical, here are some helpful suggestions to make the most of your summer activities while we all enjoy our warm weather outdoor activities.

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Use protection, it could save your skin….

Use protection, a reminder from the '90s with Baz Luhrmann's song, "Everybody's free to wear sunscreen."  A timeless reminder that many forget. We get so caught up in preparing for our races and rides. We check our equipment and focus on our nutrition. We check whether we have all our goodies and gear during the transition. We try advice online from other athletes, coaches, and magazines. However, we forget the most important thing we need to do during these summer events is to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated. 

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