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Each September, over three consecutive Saturday's, the nine towns host the Taste of the Trail here in the Root River valley, in Bluff Country.

Bike Pic Sept 8, savor the Taste of the Trail along the Root River

If you have been to Southeast Minnesota you have probably visited or heard of the Root River trail system. It’s in Bluff County and each September, over three consecutive Saturday’s the nine towns there host the “Taste of the Trail.” If you haven’t experienced the Root River take in one or all three of the free weekend events September 9, 16 or the 23rd. Visiting now will allow you plenty of delicious foods samplings giving you a taste of what is available here throughout the year.

In Preston this cyclists enjoys a sample of the Branding Iron's barbecue ribs.

In Preston this cyclists enjoys a sample of the Branding Iron’s barbecue ribs.

Three Root River Taste of the Trail opportunities

Bring your bike and choose a weekend or come back for all three. Working together each town will showcase their favorite foods, beverages and entertainment. This year’s event kicks off in the town’s of Lanesboro, Peterson and Whalan, on Saturday, September 9th.  Here in the center section of the trail system enjoy the complimentary sampling from local growers, producers and restaurants. Plus, live music will be offered throughout the day at each town. (see map).


Vegetarian spread samples from a local farm operation in the Root River Valley

Vegetarian spread samples from a local farm operation in the Root River Valley

Lanesboro, presents “Voices of Lanesboro,” a celebration of local music and rich history, theater and more.

The town of Peterson presents “A Celebration of Farm Life. While the Cat in the Fiddle will be playing at the restored Peterson Bandstand. Plus local businesses and service organizations will have plenty of tasty food and goodies available.

In Whalan, the ‘little town that could’ invites visitors to taste test many ethnic foods. With a strong Norwegian influence, it’s only natural to find samples of Lefse, Rommergrot, and Blood Klub. And don’t forget to visit Ernie’s Restored 1917 Gas Station and the museum.

The following Saturday, September 16th,

The towns of Fountain, Harmony and Preston are planning to show you what the west end of the Root River Trail system communities has to offer.

Here cyclist are sampling Rommergrot, a Norwegian delicacy.

Here cyclist are sampling Rommergrot, a Norwegian delicacy.

In Fountain, enjoy Tom Schramm’s Music in the Park while sampling foods and the latest beer from the new brewery in town. Hope you have a couple extra hours to spare and visit the Fillmore County History Center & Museum?

At the far of the “Trail” in Harmony, enjoy the music of the Root River Jam Band. Then savor some of the food and beverage samples provided by the local businesses there.

Enjoy some samples of pie in Harmony

Enjoy some samples of pie in Harmony

“Hooked on Preston” enjoy the area music by Tom Schramm, while munching on some of the tasty samples offered by the local merchants. And don’t forget to visit the National Trout Center. Maybe taking in a fly fishing course?

And there is more fun on September 23rd!

Here the towns of Houston, Rushford and Rushford Village will cap off this year’s “Taste of the Trail.” Working together these communities will show you what the East end of the Root River Trail system has to offer.

These lucky biker chicks found some desert samples at this table on the Root River Trail.

These lucky biker chicks found some desert samples at this table on the Root River Trail.

In Houston, fun continues at the Trailhead Park where you’ll find samples of local food, arts, and activities that you can enjoy and take home. Learn to make your own balloon animals and see the Parade of Owls. Don’t forget to pick up your “passport” with a list of participating businesses offering more samples and a chance to win a major prize!

Arriving in Rushford, make your first stop at the Historic Depot. the community’s trailhead on the Root River State Bike Trail. After sampling some of the garden treats of Rushford Village, pick up a map of the local businesses here offering other samples, like lefse and local cheeses.

All Taste of the Trail activities are sponsored by Root River Trail Towns. Founded in 1988, the organization is a 501(c)3, dedicated to the continued betterment and well-being of the Root River State Trail System and its communities.

Only six months until the grass is green once again along the mountain bike trails of Minnesota.

Bike Pic Dec 1, Six Months for Green Grass Along the Mountain Bike Trails

Only six months and counting, until green grass and shorts are the norm along the trails in Minnesota for mountain biking fun.

As you wait patiently weather fun, many upper Midwest bike riders are now changing their gear over to winter fun activities, including fat biking, ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing and other cold weather sports. See all the places to explore, throughout the year, in the new Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide

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Riding through Peterson, after stopping for pie along the Root River Trail

A happy cyclist riding through Peterson, after stopping for pie along the Root River Trail

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