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Rolling into the Twin Cities Gateway across the Coon Rapids Dam.

Coon Rapids parks, trails, and 4th of July celebrations

by Andrew Ellis, HaveFunBiking.com

You’ve got your bike and you’re all set. Now, what do you do and where to ride? Luckily, Coon Rapids in the north metro of the Twin Cities Gateway has plenty for you to do and see. Not only does the area offer many bike-friendly roads and miles of paved trails to explore it also does a bang-up job celebrating the 4th of July.

Riding the Trails of Coon Rapids

You can navigate the city on your bike pretty easily. There’s a great mix of paved trails and bike accessible roads that will get you just about anywhere you need to go. Just use this handy downloadable Coon Rapids bike map and take a tour of the area. It’s easy to connect by trail from places like Bunker Hills Regional Park or the Coon Rapids Dam.

Its easy to get around on the bike friendly roads in the Coon Rapids Area.

It’s easy to get around on your bike on the roads in the Coon Rapids Area, with wide shoulders and friendly motorists.

You can even expand your time exploring the area by boarding the North Star Commuter Rail Line with your bike at the Park & Ride Station. Then, ride the train up to Anoka or down to Fridley and bike back on the Mississippi River Trail (MRT).

Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

The Coon Rapids Dam Visitors Center is a picturesque place to stop and wonder around.

The Coon Rapids Dam Visitors Center is a picturesque place to stop and wander around.

The Coon Rapids Dam and Park Area might be the easiest part of the MRT to start on. It’s home to a section of the Mississippi River Trail that is fairly flat and takes you through a picturesque residential area along the river. The trail here is very well marked throughout your ride so getting lost won’t be an issue. At the south end of the park, the ride gets a lot more exciting with some twists, turns, and small rolling hills. Even with a semi-challenging climb, there is always a fun descend that follows.

The Coon Rapids section of the trail also surrounds you with a mix of natures forests running into a mix of prairie and wetland areas that are just minutes away from the main road. Here you can even ride your bike or walk across the beloved dam with breathtaking views of Old Man River.

Bunker Hills Regional Park

You will find miles of paved trails running through parks and along major roads here.

You will find miles of paved trails running through the parks here and along major roads to get around.

You can get to Bunker Hills from Coon Rapids Dam using a mix of roads and trails. Once you get onto the trails, you’ll find that many of them connect to other trail options, so explore! In Bunker Hill, you’ll find an exciting trail system that twists and turns, taking you through some beautiful natural prairies area with patches of Oak Savanna forests. Bunker Hill also boasts a fun water park if you need to cool off.

Concerts in the Park

Concerts in the Park in Coon Rapids offer music each Thursday Night through the summer.

Concerts in the park in Coon Rapids provide live music each Thursday night, throughout the summer.

After a long day of exploring the trails, there is nothing better than an evening of outdoor music. Enjoy an evening of free entertainment provided by local bands in the area. This summer concert series is scheduled every Thursday night at 7 p.m. Performances are at the pavilion at Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.

Mini Golf

The Lilli Putt Miniature Golf Course here is a bunch of laughs at each hole.

The Lilli Putt Miniature Golf Course.

At some point, you’ll need a break from riding. Why not play a friendly round of mini golf? Each hole at Lilli Putt Miniature Golf is different and will make putting here fun with every stroke. There are also go-karts and a bumper boat ride available here.

Coon Rapids 4th of July Celebration

Some of the spectacular fireworks at the Coon Rapids 4 of July Celebration.

One shot of some of the spectacular fireworks at the Coon Rapids 4 of July Celebration.

The 4th of July is a celebration for everyone and Coon Rapids knows how to celebrate the holiday properly. There are many events scheduled throughout the weekend. You can enjoy the carnival, eat great food, tap your feet to live music and watch the annual parade. Don’t forget to cap it all off with one of the best fireworks shows in the area.

Shoreview offer miles of paved trail to enjoy

Shoreview’s music will have you dancing on your pedals to natures beat

by Andrew Ellis

The trails here can be your playground for you and your bike in Shoreview  – there’s nowhere you can’t go. This Twin Cities Gateway community here offers friendly road routes, trails, and sidewalks so you can take another bike journey wherever you wish. The city also offers some off-road paved trails to get closer with nature and all the beauty the community has to offer. You may even find some smaller paths worth exploring. It’s your adventure and it all starts as soon as you leave your hotel in the Twin Cities Gateway. And don’t forget Slice of Shoreview Days July 27-29.

A perfect vacation headquarters, the Twin Cities Gateway is a cooperative of nine communities including Shoreview and just a few bike-friendly miles north of Minneapolis. Here you can enjoy:

Concerts in the Commons

Shoreview's Concerts in the Commons is the perfect way to get a pedal dancing rhythm for your #NextBikeAdventure.

Shoreview’s Concerts in the Commons is the perfect way to get a pedal dancing rhythm for your #NextBikeAdventure.

This summer features free entertainment outdoors at the Shoreview Community Center concerts, starts in June. Each Wednesday the Center features an outside concert with a different band, starting at 7 pm. It’s free, so steer your bike over and get ready to tap your feet.

Rice Creek North Regional Trail

Get close to nature on all the paved trails winding through Shoreview.

Get close to nature on all the paved trails winding through Shoreview.

With more than 50 miles of paved trail (see map) there’s plenty of riding for several visits. Although it is hard to see some trail markings, especially when connecting from a road route to get to the next section, these trails offer many opportunities to take wildlife pictures, discovering the area’s diverse landscape while catching scents of wildflowers. As you ride you will also see and hear plenty of birds of different kinds chirping away. Every once and a while the trail crosses over the creek and you may want to consider some fishing.

Other Activities

If you want to take a short bike ride over to nearby Spring Lake Park, you can also enjoy the Shoreview Sweetroll Skate Park. The SweetRoll is a tier-one skating facility on the north side of the Community Center. The park here includes a wedge, a spine, a fun box, a quarter pipe, grind rails, and a mini ramp.

If you’re looking for a fun way to cool off, you can bike on over to the Shoreview Community Center for their tropical-themed water park in the Twin Cities Gateway. This three-story water slide equipped park features a one-of-a-kind jukebox with over 100 songs ready to play along with a light show that sliders can enjoy as they twist and turn down to the bottom. At the main pool, you can also play volleyball and there is even an adults-only whirlpool and patio area.

Disc golf opportunities are always a highlight in the many parks of the Twin Cities Gateway.

Disc golf opportunities are always a highlight in the many parks of the Twin Cities Gateway.

For those wanting a round of disc golf all you have to do is ride over to Hansen Park in New Brighton. With 12 holes, this disc golf course is complemented by stands mature trees amongst open spaces to skillfully connect with the baskets. It’s a great way to take a break from biking while still enjoying the amenities of Shoreview.

And don’t forget Slice of Shoreview Days

Consider biking to the Slice of Shoreview for a weekend of fun.

Consider biking to the Slice of Shoreview for a weekend of fun.

If you’re exploring the area in July, from the 27th to the 29th, then you will be in time for the communities annual celebration. Slice of Shoreview Days is packed with fun for the whole family. There is live music, local arts, chalk drawing, a petting zoo, pony rides, a carnival, fireworks, and more.

Visiting Shoreview with your bike can be a memorable weekend you won’t soon forget.

Fishing Spots in the Twin Cities Gateway – By Bike

They say the best part of fishing is when your line is in the water. This is especially true if the lake or stream is close enough that you can ride your bike and fish more often. Here in the Twin Cities Gateway we found several opportunities to wet a line and catch some fish in Minnesota. So get your family and friends together, plan a route, and enjoy nature while fishing the shorelines in the these north Twin City Metro locations.

Fishing at the Coon Rapids Dam

At the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park you will find one of the most popular fishing spots in the Anoka County Area. Here, as the mighty Mississippi River flows over the dam, anglers can test their fishing tackle and luck. Fish to catch includes: Bass, Crappies, Carp, and more. With the recent high waters, a report  says anglers are catching Crappies using jigs and minnows. The shoreline hot spot is above the dam, in the back waters, near the bike trail.

The Coon Rapids Dam is a fishing hot spot in the Twin Cities Gateway.

The Coon Rapids Dam is a fishing hot spot in the Twin Cities Gateway.

A boat ramp is located behind the Visitor Center and there is no launching fee. However, there is a fee to enter the park unless you enter the park on your bike or walk. The Visitors Center also has some bait items available.

Fishing on Ham Lake

A shoreline fishing hot spot in the Twin Cities Gateway.

One of the many shoreline fishing hot spots in the Twin Cities Gateway.

Largemouth Bass brings most anglers to Ham Lake, even though the abundant population of small Northern Pike present in this lake can be frustrating. You will also find that the Bluegill (Sunfish) here are abundant and are usually biting, whereas the Crappies are hit or miss.

This lake is located east of Highway 65 and north of 153rd Street N.E. in the City of Ham Lake, Minnesota. If you don’t have a boat, you can head over to the city park where there is a fishing pier adjacent to the boat ramp that can be promising.

Two Fishing Options on the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes

Fishing on George Watch Lake

On the Chain,  just south of the city of Lino Lakes, is George Watch Lake which has Walleye, Sunfish, Largemouth Bass, Bullheads, and Catfish. And, if Northern Pike are your game fish of choice, reports have it that there are plenty of them and that they are of good size.

Using a canoe or kayak is another option for fishing the hot spots in the Twin Cities Gateway.

Using a canoe or kayak is another option for fishing the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes in the Twin Cities Gateway.

In the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park Reserve, operated by Anoka County, there is no boat access. However, canoe rentals are available at Wargo Nature Center. Anglers are allowed to fish from shore, but it may take a hike to reach some great sites. Fishing is also permitted from the shoreline along County Road 14. Another option, with the paved trails in the park, is to use a bike to get to other parts of the lake’s shoreline.

Fishing Peltier Lake

Across the road from Wargo Nature Center is another hot fishing spot on Peltier Lake. Here Northern Pike and Panfish are the primary target of most anglers fishing here. Walleye are present and Channel Catfish yearlings provide additional opportunities for anglers. Plus, Muskies are starting to migrating in from other lakes on the Rice Creek Chain.

This lake has good shore fishing facilities. The County has a fishing pier in the southwest corner of the lake near the boat access. Anglers often fish from the shoreline of County Road 14 near the connection with Centerville Lake. The most popular shore fishing spot may be on both sides of the dam, both upstream and in the pool downstream.

Have fun and keep your line wet!