The 2023 e-bike contest at HaveFunBiking has a winner

Congratulations, Zamira Mendoza, from Redwing, MN, our e-bike contest winner. She won the new Magnum Navigator X, from our 2023 Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide campaign. It was refreshing to see her enthusiasm and plans on how she will use the bike. She is excited and plans to use her new e-bike to commute to work. With the many hilly streets and trails along the Mississippi River bluffs, her route will be easier. Stay tuned for another e-bike contest in 2024,

Save Save Save… Get a new e-bike at clearance prices

With the closing of, here in the Twin Cities, here is your chance to get a new e-bike at a near-wholesale price. The inventory listed below is being auctioned off. Along with a huge selection of bike accessories, e-bike certified helmets, locks, bags, cell phone mounts, bags, and every imaginable bike part & tool. You can get the best deal on a new electric assist bike before the spring riding season begins. Select from new in-the-box, new pre-prepped, demo, and used e-bikes. All styles, including deep step-through, e-MTB, fat tire, beach cruiser, e-Trike, folding, roadster, touring, and a Harley Davidson Serial 1 e-Bike. Many bikes listed include a manufactures warranty. Place your bid for a new e-bike now!

An electric bike is perfect for commuting to work.

Helpful tips to considering before purchasing an electric bike

They are fun, but the real advantages of an electric bike includes their climbing efficiency, taking a bite out of wind resistance, and the ability to expand your range of travel. Before purchasing an e-bike, it is important to know how far you want to go and what type of terrain you will be riding it on.

Tern’s HSD electric-assist bike, out of the box and on the road

Every so often, I run across a bike that is truly unique and the Tern HSD electric-assist bike is one bike worth checking out. Especially if you are looking for a comfortable ride with options when needing to haul cargo or a child. As I look over some of the latest electric bikes that will be available to test-ride at the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis. I had a chance to take this new Tern  e-bike out for a spin.

With record attendance the first few days of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, using a bicycle to get there can reduce the hassle factor out of visiting the fair. Plus, it is also a great way to burn-off those extra calories from all of the fun things to eat on a stick.

Bike to the Minnesota State Fair, less hassle!

It is time to start planning your visit to this year’s Minnesota State Fair and using your bicycle to get there is a comfortable way to get there. If you plan on attending this year’s ‘Great Minnesota Get-together, bicycle parking is still free. Ride your bike from home or do a multi-modal commute to the fair. Load your bike on your car or use the Metro Transit Bus and park a few miles away and ride to one of the fair’s bike corrals. Commuting by bicycle can take the hassle factor out of your annual visit. Plus, it is a great way to burn off some of those calories from all the fun things you can eat on a stick.

What are the different types and speeds of e-bikes?

Referred to by most as an e-bike, an electric assist bicycle refers to a motorized version of the traditional bike. With three general classifications, the speeds of e-bikes vary. Compared to a regular bicycle, which relies totally on your pedal power. The electric motor assists your pedaling efforts allowing you to go farther using less energy and having more fun. The only downside to an e-bike is the added cost of the electrical system, motor, and battery lifespan. When buying an e-bike, also consider how far you’ll be riding between charges. And whether you can charge the bike’s battery at regular intervals.

What is an electric assist bike, or e-bike and is it for you?

You have probably read about electric-assist bicycles, commonly known as e-bikes. With many improvements, the past couple of years, this type of bicycle has grown in popularity around the world. So what exactly is a pedal-assist bicycle? Simply by pedaling, instead of using a twist or thumb throttle, you activate the motor to help turn the drive-train. If you are curious and would like to check them out, stop by a bike shop near you or visit the E-bike Challenge. Either option, here are some questions you may want to get answers for.