Bike commuting is an easy way to increase fitness, jump start your energy level, and enjoy nature. Read and learn about what you need to commute in comfort.

Bike commuting necessities and niceties to make your ride great

Bike commuting is an easy way to add miles, increase fitness, jump start your energy level for the day while enjoying nature, especially with warmer weather. Once you start commuting by bike, you will find the hassle factor lessens while your overall trip acts as your workout for the day. You are saving yourself hours in the gym. Here is a list of other beneficial necessities to make commuting by bike much more enjoyable.

Make Winter Bike Commuting Fun

As the vibrant colors of fall disappear and the winds blow predominately out of the northwest it’s time to ask. Should I ride my bike in the snow, ice and frigid elements of winter or should I take my faithful two-wheeled steed into the shop for a tune-up and store it away?

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Helpful tips to consider before purchasing an e-bike

With the popularity of e-bikes (electric-assist bicycles), here are some helpful tips and questions to ask when buying a bike. The top question we have been asked here at, along with the price of an e-bike, is how the new government rebate program works. What are the e-bike types and styles and battery/motor options available?