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This new national bicycle guide offers bicyclists of all levels easily access the latest information on places to ride a bike, helpful tips and more.

The inaugural issue of the Have Fun Biking National Guide is here

From all of us at HaveFunBiking.com (HFB), We are elateded to introduce you to our inaugural issue of the Have Fun Biking Guide. We began with the HFB website in 2006 and have been publishing bicycle guides ever since.

What you will see in the Have Fun Biking National Guide

Like the Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide and our website, our goal is to help cyclists easily access the latest information on bicycling, including the best places to ride a
bike, plus helpful tips on gear, maintenance and safety for the next bike adventure. That
vision and process still holds true today as you page through the following feature
stories, tips and reviews in this new digital publication.

This new national bicycle guide offers bicyclists of all levels easily access the latest information on places to ride a bike, helpful tips and more.

This new national bicycle guide offers bicyclists of all levels easily access the latest information on places to ride a bike, helpful tips and more.

Many of the articles and tips you see in the guide are also on our blog at HFB. So if you are looking for more updated details, along with additional descriptive photos and links, we have you covered.

A sneak peek at in future bi-monthly issues

Furthermore, if you want a sneak peek at what might be in our next issue of this guide or further details when on the go, please sign up for our weekly eNewsletter on the next page. I promise your email address will not be sold to, or shared with, a third party. Also, if you would like to view our daily photo ‘Pic of the Day’ please like – our Facebook or Instagram page.

Whether you are new to bicycling or a seasoned cyclist, we hope you enjoy and bookmark this handy guide to your favorite electronic device. Our goal is to continue publishing biking information to help you stay active and healthy.

Be an HFB partner, share you stories, pictures and ideas

To make future issues available, please check out all the links our sponsors have provided and let me know what you would like to see in our upcoming bi-monthly issues. This publication is a partnership between HaveFunBiking, our sponsors and you, our readers. We need your input
to be successful, so please feel free to share your opinions, ideas, photos and stories on bicycle related topics with us. Just send an email to: poke@havefunbiking.com and we will get back to you.

Read on and have fun!

Russ Lowthian, Editor

Summer Edition of the MN Bike Guide Available Soon

Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide Summer E-Edition Available June 1st

Now available quarterly, the 2016 summer edition of the Minnesota Bike/Hike guide will be live digitally, June 1st.  This is our eighth year of printing this handy pocket-sized book of bike travel ideas, and we’ve grown! HaveFunBiking.com (HFB) is now updating the printed version for quarterly e-issues. Now with our new digital platform we are able to update information on bike travel and tips regularly. Plus, we have added two other features. We have additional maps of destinations you may want to explore and bike events you may want to participate in.

Please take a look at the most recent MN Bike/Hike Guide. Then, bookmark it to your hand held devices for use when on the go. Formatted to fit your mobile phone and note pad, the updated e-version includes bike events recently posted and more bike friendly maps with links to the HFB Destination landing pages for easy At-A-Glance information when on the go. These special landing pages offers you information and links on where to ride, eat, sleep, and gives an explanation to other details on the map when in an area.

After your review, please share the 2016 MN Bike/Hike Guide link with your friends and give them a chance to find their #NextBikeAdventure. Maybe you will ride together or share your adventures the next time you get to hang out. Either way the guide opens many opportunities to stay active while having fun!



Bike Pic Feb. 1, Rainy days and Monday’s

Here in the photo above Barry Cole, from Bloomington, MN rides his bike out of the rain with a smile on his face on the Mississippi River Trail.


Thanks for viewing the Bike Pic of the Day here at HaveFunBiking (HFB). 

Now, rolling into our 10th year as a bicycle media, our goal is to continue to encourage more people to bike, while showcasing unforgettable places to ride. As we search and present more fun photos worth a grin, scroll through the information and stories we have posted to help you find your next adventure. Then, while out there if you see us along a paved or mountain bike trail, next to the route you regularly commute on, or at an event you plan to attend with your bike, be prepared to smile. You never know where our camera’s will be and what we will post next!

Do you have a fun photo of yourself or someone you know that you would like to see us publish? If so, please send it our way and we may use it. Send your picture(s) to editor@HaveFunBiking.com with a brief caption (of each), including who is in the photo (if you know?) and where it was taken. Photo(s) should be at least 620 pixels wide for us to use them. If we use your photo, you will receive photo credit and an acknowledgment on Facebook and Instagram.

As HaveFunBiking continues to encourage more people to ride, please reference our blog and the annual print and quarterly digital Bike/Hike Guide to find your next adventure. We are proud of the updated – At-a-Glance information and maps we are known for in the HFB Destination section on our website and in the guide. Now, as the Bike/Hike Guide goes into its seventh year of production, we are adding a whole new dimension of bicycle tourism information available for mobile devices where you may see some additional bike pics – maybe of yourself so.

Bookmark HaveFunBiking.com and find your next adventure – we may capture you in one of the next photos we post.

Have a great day!