Wind-Blox Reduces Wind Noise For Rider Safety

Wind noise has long been an annoyance when riding a bike and can also be a safety issue when it comes to hearing approaching automobiles. Now there is a new product called Wind Blox, designed to help reduce wind noise, allowing a cyclist to hear better while riding. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in the Fall of 2013, this product is now available to everyone. Check it out!

Next bike/hike adventure – Explore Alexandria

There is no shortage of fun when planning a trip to explore Alexandria, MN. Better known by the locals as Alex. Looking at the latest Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide, with all the maps, we wanted to see how Alex stacked up as a one-tank, multi-modal, round-trip destination from the Twin Cities. With increased gas prices taking […]

Alex a bike-friendly getaway you can make on one tank

There is no shortage of fun in Minnesota, and looking at the latest MN Bike Guide with all the maps, we wanted to see how Alex (Alexandria) fits as a one-tank, multi-modal, round-trip destination. With increased gas prices taking a bite out of your wallet, we found that the Alexandria Lakes Area fits the criteria well. The perfect place to park the car and use a bicycle to get around. On this trip, we found a charming inn and a great place to relax. Plus, it was easy to reach the local bike routes, local trails, historic downtown attractions, and several restaurants within easy walking distance.

Ride into the Brainerd Lakes Area and you'll see what people love about northern Minnesota. Ride the open roads or the Paul Bunyan Trail and more.

Discover the pleasure of biking around Brainerd

The farther you drive north, the more you’ll be surrounded by lakes and never ending trails. And the Brainerd Lakes Area is no exception. Here, you are in luck when you want to escape the city to taste the come-stay-for-a-while vibe of relaxing by the lakeside in northern Minnesota.

Bike commuting is an easy way to increase fitness, jump start your energy level, and enjoy nature. Read and learn about what you need to commute in comfort.

Bike commuting necessities and niceties to make your ride great

Bike commuting is an easy way to add miles, increase fitness, jump start your energy level for the day while enjoying nature, especially with warmer weather. Once you start commuting by bike, you will find the hassle factor lessens while your overall trip acts as your workout for the day. You are saving yourself hours in the gym. Here is a list of other beneficial necessities to make commuting by bike much more enjoyable.

MN Ironman Bike Ride 2022

MN’s Ironman Bike Ride is back for its 56th year of fun!

As the summer biking season begins, set a goal starting with the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride, in Shakopee, MN. The longest-running bike ride event in the state this year’s ride returns Saturday, June 17th to benefit Free Bikes 4 Kids. All routes start and end in Shakopee’s Huber Park, alongside the Minnesota River.  With touring routes of 36, 60, and 100 miles, they have challenges that will put smiles on everyone’s faces. Even their 5-mile family ride on the winding Minnesota River Valley Trail gives even the littlest peddler a ride to remember. Save now, before ride registration increases!

Save Save Save… Get a new e-bike at clearance prices

With the closing of, here in the Twin Cities, here is your chance to get a new e-bike at a near-wholesale price. The inventory listed below is being auctioned off. Along with a huge selection of bike accessories, e-bike certified helmets, locks, bags, cell phone mounts, bags, and every imaginable bike part & tool. You can get the best deal on a new electric assist bike before the spring riding season begins. Select from new in-the-box, new pre-prepped, demo, and used e-bikes. All styles, including deep step-through, e-MTB, fat tire, beach cruiser, e-Trike, folding, roadster, touring, and a Harley Davidson Serial 1 e-Bike. Many bikes listed include a manufactures warranty. Place your bid for a new e-bike now!

The best way to stay dry is to wear waterproof clothing. While most synthetic fabrics still insulate when wet, being wet diminishes their ability to keep you warm.

Waterproof clothing is a sure fire way to stay comfortable

Staying dry is the most critical and challenging part of biking in the rain and snow as spring arrives. The best way to keep warm and dry is to wear waterproof clothing. While most synthetic fabrics still insulate when wet, being damp diminishes their ability to keep you warm. Therefore, a waterproof jacket and pants are a great way to start, but waterproof socks and gloves complete the outfit. While many materials are naturally waterproof, once perforated with stitching, zipped closed with generic zippers, and left to be loose at all the cuffs, their waterproofing goes out the window. Before you go out and buy anything labeled “waterproof,” read on to understand that all waterproofing is not the same.

Explore Minnesota’s bike skills parks and pump tracks

Riding in a bike skills park or on a pump track is a fun and easy way to learn the technical skills needed for better mountain bike handling. These parks typically consist of a circuit course of rollers, banked turns (berms), and features designed to be entirely ridden by a rider. The term “pumping,” by up and down body movements, generates momentum instead of pedaling or pushing. It was initially designed for the mountain bike and BMX scene, and now, due to concrete constructions, it is also used by skateboarders, roller skaters, and other similar activities. Pump tracks are relatively simple and cater to various rider skill levels. Here in Minnesota, you will find many options, as listed below.

An electric bike is perfect for commuting to work.

Helpful tips to considering before purchasing an electric bike

They are fun, but the real advantages of an electric bike includes their climbing efficiency, taking a bite out of wind resistance, and the ability to expand your range of travel. Before purchasing an e-bike, it is important to know how far you want to go and what type of terrain you will be riding it on.