Wind-Blox Reduces Wind Noise For Rider Safety

Wind noise has long been an annoyance when riding a bike and can also be a safety issue when it comes to hearing approaching automobiles. Now there is a new product called Wind Blox, designed to help reduce wind noise, allowing a cyclist to hear better while riding. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in the Fall of 2013, this product is now available to everyone. Check it out!

This Bike Pic Thursday, we caught this biker dude out having fun in the Minnesota River bottoms near Bloomington, MN.

As winter approaches, fun fat biking ideas to stay fit

Living in the upper Midwest with four unique seasons, fat biking can be a fun way to pass the time in the winter while getting a good cardio workout. Many studies state the benefits of staying active in cold weather, and riding a fat bike will do that. As an avid cross-country skier, times are changing. With climate change affecting us all, the fat bike is a great alternative to stay active throughout the winter when the ski trail turns into a bobsled run.

Preparing your bike for storage, a check list to protect your gear

Having enjoyed another summer of riding with many great memories along the way. It is that time of the year to think about preparing your bike for winter storage. Unless you plan to pedal your two-wheel steed throughout the winter? Wouldn’t it be nice when the temperature rises early next spring, you are not cleaning and lubing your bike when you should be riding?- Or even worse, waiting two-to-three weeks for your bike shop to tune it up.

Reflectors are forms of passive visibility, while lights are great for active visibility. Read on to see where each one is helpful and most efficient.

Top 5 tips for a very rewarding fall bike ride

Bike riding in the fall can come with many challenges. However, it can also be gratifying. While bicycle season is winding down for some, for many other cyclists, their two wheels are a favorite mode of transportation to explore the incredible autumn landscape. Pedaling along the colorful autumn roads or trails is so breathtaking that I will admit that fall bike riding is one of my favorite times to ride. Not too hot, not too cold, and there are fewer insects once the first frost hits.

Bike commuting is an easy way to increase fitness, jump start your energy level, and enjoy nature. Read and learn about what you need to commute in comfort.

Bike commuting necessities and niceties to make your ride great

Bike commuting is an easy way to add miles, increase fitness, jump start your energy level for the day while enjoying nature, especially with warmer weather. Once you start commuting by bike, you will find the hassle factor lessens while your overall trip acts as your workout for the day. You are saving yourself hours in the gym. Here is a list of other beneficial necessities to make commuting by bike much more enjoyable.

Road touring along the Mississippi River Trail, out of Winona, is colorful this time of the year.

Pedaling around Winona can give you a feel of Indiana Jones

Soon, Minnesota’s beautiful fall colors will be gracing the Mississippi River Bluffs in and around Winona. Pedaling along the bluffs at this time of the year may make you feel like you’re Indiana Jones scouring foreign lands for lost treasure. But hold on there just one minute, Major Tom, you’re still in Southeast Minnesota. Ready to enjoy the thrills and features of one of the most bike-friendly communities in the state. The city of Winona and its surrounding area is a must-visit destination for those yearning for a free-wheeling outdoor bicycle experience. And perfect for a one-tank. day or overnight staycation.

What’s an e-bike battery’s range and its life cycled?

Estimating the distance your e-bike can travel per charge is called range. This is an important specification to pay attention to when comparing a specific e-bike battery with your desired riding style. For example, if your commute involves steep climbs, you don’t want to run the battery low halfway up the hill. Without power (volts), an e-bike can be an uncomfortable mode of transportation that demands more energy for the cyclist to pedal. So the range of an electric bike generally depends on the following.

Why are there so many variables to pedal-assist e-bike costs?

You may want to compare all kinds of features and components when looking at an e-bikes cost. First, consider the style of the e-bike you like. Will the bike help fulfill your transportation needs to justify the investment. Next, are there options for the battery and motor size, the warranty, and the weight? With that information gathered, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $9,000, with some high-end carbon fiber models running as high as $15,000. So, look beyond price and the following questions.

The outdoor summer gear guide

Get out and enjoy the warm weather and bright sun as the summer season progresses. Especially with some of the new gear, for biking, hiking, camping, lounging on a beach, or in a boat that we, here at HaveFunBiking, have discovered. 

Shoreview offer miles of paved trail to enjoy

The music in Shoreview will have you dancing on your pedals to natures beat

The trails here in Shoreview can be your playground for you and your bike – there’s nowhere you can’t go. This Twin Cities Gateway community here offers friendly road routes, trails, and sidewalks so you can take another bike journey wherever you wish. The city also offers some off-road paved trails to get closer to nature and all the beauty the community has to offer. You may even find some smaller paths worth exploring. It’s your adventure and it all starts as soon as you leave your hotel in the Twin Cities Gateway, and don’t forget Slice of Shoreview Days, July 22-24.