Wind-Blox Reduces Wind Noise For Rider Safety

Wind noise has long been an annoyance when riding a bike and can also be a safety issue when it comes to hearing approaching automobiles. Now there is a new product called Wind Blox, designed to help reduce wind noise, allowing a cyclist to hear better while riding. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in the Fall of 2013, this product is now available to everyone. Check it out!

Southeast Minnesota has a new bike ride tradition

Join “We Bike Rochester” in southeast Minnesota as they celebrate the incredible trail network that winds around the city with the Med City Meander, on Mary 25th. For years, “We Bike Rochester” has been working to bring community engagement around biking and walking. MCM has partnered with the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN) to create an event highlighting local businesses, beautiful natural areas, and outdoor fun in Rochester. Register today and save!

Twin Cities Metro mountain bike trails to enjoy

In the Twin Cities Metro Area, find an extensive network of rugged single-track and easy-to-moderate mountain bike trails to enjoy. Explore the following list, with many regional and city parks that maintain off-road trails to provide riders at every skill level with a fun experience. Whether you are seeking a serene roll or a challenging thrill, there’s no shortage of mountain bike trails to explore in Minneapolis-St. Paul. For that next Adventure you are planning, here are more than 25 trail systems to choose from. Enjoy!

The best way to stay dry is to wear waterproof clothing. While most synthetic fabrics still insulate when wet, being wet diminishes their ability to keep you warm.

Waterproof clothing is a surefire way to stay comfortable

With spring approaching, staying dry is the most critical and challenging part of biking or hiking in the rain and snow. The best way to keep warm and dry is to wear waterproof clothing. While most synthetic fabrics still insulate when wet, being damp diminishes their ability to keep you warm. Therefore, a waterproof jacket and pants are a great way to start, but waterproof socks and gloves complete the outfit. While many materials are naturally waterproof, once perforated with stitching, zipped closed with generic zippers, and left to be loose at all the cuffs, their waterproofing goes out the window. Before you go out and buy anything labeled “waterproof,” read on to understand that all waterproofing is not the same.

Picture yourself riding the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) through the wilds of Minnesota, pedaling America's famous 3,000 mile bike system

An adventure of a lifetime, along Minnesota’s Mississippi River Trail

In the following bike touring description, picture yourself riding the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) through the wilds of Minnesota. Here you can pedal, along with family and friends. Enjoy the scenery on the first leg of America’s famous 3,000-mile bike system while riding at your own pace using bike-friendly roads and multi-use pathways.

Bike commuting is an easy way to increase fitness, jump start your energy level, and enjoy nature. Read and learn about what you need to commute in comfort.

Make a resolution? It could be your best bike year ever!

After all the presents are opened, and the last cookies disappear, many of us focus on the year ahead. More specifically, many of us begin the annual task of developing New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. Why not resolve to make this year your best year for bike riding by starting now?

Gaiters may be an added bonus to winter riding warmth

Cold, snow, sleet, and ice are normal conditions for my winter bike commute to work here in Minnesota. With the elements being so unfriendly, I am excited to try commuting with a pair of gaiters for added warmth. With that direction in mind, I was excited to try the Hillsound Armadillo LT gaiters. For those who aren’t familiar with a pair of gaiters, they cover your shin and calf, below the knee, and above the ankle. Splash-proof protection works in combination with your winter boots to extend your leg. They are designed to keep snow, slush, and debris off your legs and dripping into your boot.

Preparing your bike for storage, a check list to protect your gear

Having enjoyed another summer season of cycling with many great memories, it’s time to think about preparing your bike for winter storage. Unless you plan to pedal your two-wheel steed throughout the winter. If not, wouldn’t it be nice when the temperature warms next spring, you are ready to ride? And you are not cleaning and tuning up your bike when you should be riding next spring. Or even worse, waiting two to three weeks or more for your bike shop to get it ready for you.