Why are there so many variables to pedal-assist e-bike costs?

You may want to compare all kinds of features and components when looking at an e-bikes cost. First, consider the style of the e-bike you like. Will the bike help fulfill your transportation needs to justify the investment. Next, are there options for the battery and motor size, the warranty, and the weight? With that information gathered, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $9,000, with some high-end carbon fiber models running as high as $15,000. So, look beyond price and the following questions.

The outdoor summer gear guide

Get out and enjoy the warm weather and bright sun as the summer season progresses. Especially with some of the new gear, for biking, hiking, camping, lounging on a beach, or in a boat that we, here at HaveFunBiking, have discovered. 

Shoreview offer miles of paved trail to enjoy

The music in Shoreview will have you dancing on your pedals to natures beat

The trails here in Shoreview can be your playground for you and your bike – there’s nowhere you can’t go. This Twin Cities Gateway community here offers friendly road routes, trails, and sidewalks so you can take another bike journey wherever you wish. The city also offers some off-road paved trails to get closer to nature and all the beauty the community has to offer. You may even find some smaller paths worth exploring. It’s your adventure and it all starts as soon as you leave your hotel in the Twin Cities Gateway, and don’t forget Slice of Shoreview Days, July 22-24.

Alexandria, a bike-friendly getaway you can make on one tank

There is no shortage of fun in Minnesota, and looking at the latest MN Bike/Hike Guide, with all the maps to explore, we wanted to see how Alexandria fit as a one-tank, multi-modal, round-trip getaway. With increased gas prices taking a bite out of every motorist’s wallet, we found this Lakes Area fit the criteria. The perfect place to visit, parking the car at the selected lodging and then using a bicycle to get around. On this trip, we found the Cedar Rose Inn charming and a great place to relax. This allowed us to easily reach the local bike routes, trails, Alex’s historic downtown attractions, and several restaurants within easy walking distance.

This Bike Pic Thursday, its a perfect day to get out on the trail, hopefully with family or friends like these mountain bikers.

The 2022 Fathers Day gift guide for that special dad

Here at HaveFunBiking, we just found some items for dad or your next summer’s outdoor adventures. So skip giving dad ‘Old Spice’ or a restaurant gift card this year and check out the following items in our Fathers Day gift guide. We think we have found some fun ideas that dad wants and will keep him active and happy. Many gift options to fit into your budget?

The best way to stay dry is to wear waterproof clothing. While most synthetic fabrics still insulate when wet, being wet diminishes their ability to keep you warm.

Staying dry with waterproof clothing is a sure fire way to stay comfortable

Staying dry is the most critical and challenging part of riding when biking in the rain as spring arrives. The best way to keep warm and dry is to wear waterproof clothing. While most synthetic fabrics still insulate when wet, being damp diminishes their ability to keep you warm. Therefore, a waterproof jacket and pants are a great way to start, but waterproof socks and gloves make the outfit complete. While many materials are naturally waterproof, once perforated with stitching, zipped closed with generic zippers, and left to be loose at all the cuffs, their waterproofing goes out the window. Before you go out and buy anything labeled “waterproof,” read on to understand that all waterproofing is not the same.

What is an electric assist bike, or e-bike and is it for you?

You have probably read about electric-assist bicycles, commonly known as e-bikes. With many improvements, the past couple of years, this type of bicycle has grown in popularity around the world. So what exactly is a pedal-assist bicycle? Simply by pedaling, instead of using a twist or thumb throttle, you activate the motor to help turn the drive-train. If you are curious and would like to check them out, stop by a bike shop near you or visit the E-bike Challenge. Either option, here are some questions you may want to get answers for.

There have been many improvements to electric bikes over the last few years and before checking them out here are a couple questions that should be asked.

Choosing an electric bike for your style of bicycle riding

You have probably heard about electric bikes and the improvements that have been made in the last couple of years. If you are curious. before checking them out here are some questions that should be asked before purchasing one of them. 

Has the idea of using an electric bike, called an e-bike, piqued your interest? If so you are in luck, the E-bike Challenge is coming to Minneapolis, MN.

Selecting the right type of electric bike motor for your style if riding

Electric bike motors have technologically come a long way in the last few years and can typically be located in three different locations on an e-bike. The first two locations use a hub motor that can be found on either the front or rear wheel of the bike.  In recent years the center mount motors, in the crank area have been gained in popularity.

Has the idea of using an electric bike piqued your interest? If so the e-bike Challenge is coming to Minneapolis March 23-24.

Maximizing the range your electric bike can travel per charge

The distance an electric bike will go on a battery charge is called range. This is an important specification to pay attention to when comparing e-bikes with your desired riding style. For example, if your commute involves steep climbs, you don’t want to run the battery low halfway up the hill. Without power, an e-bike can be an uncomfortable mode of transportation that demands more energy for the cyclist to pedal. So the range of an electric bike generally depends on the following.