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There have been many improvements to electric bikes over the last few years and before checking them out here are a couple questions that should be asked.

Choosing an electric bike for your style of bicycle riding

You have probably heard about electric bikes (e-bikes) and the improvements the industry has made over the past couple of years. If you are curious, ask a couple of questions before purchasing an e-bike and the fun adventures ahead.

First, ask yourself, how will I use an electric bike

  • maybe commuting to work, running errands, and/or hauling cargo
  • bike touring or just some recreational riding to stay active
  • spending more time on off-road trails
  • assist me while rehabbing after a sports injury?

Then ask

  • will an e-bike make it easier for me to stay active
  • make it more enjoyable, especially when dealing with hills and headwinds
  • help so I can keep up with my friends who ride faster?

As electric bike technology continues to progress quickly, with lighter batteries and offer you a better range between charges, the options are endless. Today there are bikes for every conceivable application, from hauling cargo to making a climb on a mountain bike a breeze.

Geared to accommodate different kinds of activities (cargo-hauling; relaxed cruising; trail riding; mountain biking; child transportation; road biking; fat bike riding; touring; and urban commuting), they make biking fun. With so many e-bikes on the market today, you will find design options that vary to fit different people and their preferred use. It’s up to you to decide what is most important. Is it the ease of riding, the cost; maintenance; dependability; range – or the above? With so many models on the market to choose from, first, figure out where you will be riding, and then how often?

Now that you have a list visit a few bike shops to see the brands they carry. Or, attend the e-Bike Challenge on April 2 & 3, or see the video below.


One of the most fun parts of buying an electric bike is taking the models you are most interested in out for a test ride, just like buying a car.

The fun begins, test riding the electric bike before purchasing

One of the most important and fun parts of buying an electric bike is taking the most interested models out for a test ride. Just like buying a car, once you have narrowed the selection down, a test ride will help you finalize your decision.

Visiting several bicycle shops that carry the e-bike brands you are most interested in will allow you to put aside skeptics, reviews, and research. Helping you answer the most basic question, which e-bike do I love the most?

So put on your helmet and go for a ride. Check your list, then test-ride the best electric bike for you. Also, don’t forget to bring your driver’s license and a credit card along. Some shops may require you to leave your identification card with them. Or, they may want to swipe your credit card if some damage happens on your test ride.

Does the electric bike you are looking at climb hills, haul cargo, or help you keep up with freinds the way you expect?

Does the electric bike you are looking at climb hills, haul cargo, or help you keep up with friends the way you expect?

While test riding an e-bike:

  • does the bike climb hills the way you need it to
  • will the e-bike fit you the way you would like it to
  • And finally, while riding, is the quality and functionality what you expected?

Now that you are back from your test ride, does the e-bike you like the best fit into your budget, and is there a warranty? Buying an electric bike is a significant investment, regardless of whether the e-bike is $1,500 or $10,000. Make sure the purchase comes with a warranty so you can rest assured that your investment is somewhat covered. Two-year warranties on parts, motor, and battery (with no exclusions for regular use) are reasonable to expect from most electric bike manufacturers.

Most of these questions can be answered at the bike shop that carries the model you are interested in buying. Or have the experts at the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis answer those questions. So, make your list and come prepared to test ride some of the best e-bikes available in the market.