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A list of bike companies in the Eco Experience Building at the MN State Fair

Thanks for exploring all the electric assist bikes (e-bikes) in the Eco Experience Building at the Minnesota State Fair. From past events, check out the top 10 questions asked when considering an e-bike. With the latest options in e-transportation available today, thanks to Affinity Plus and HaveFunBiking. Below, find links to two E-bike you can win. Plus, a list of bike shops with their favorite electric assist bicycle they are exhibiting. Also, find their contact information you may want to bookmark and have available when you need an E-bike.

Along with questions on the new Minnesota Electric-Assisted Bicycle Rebate Program, here are the answers to the top ten (10) questions asked:  

Top 10 questions asked when selecting an e-bike

With the popularity of e-bikes, many are asking what is the best bike to buy.

1. What does an e-bike cost? Find out here

2. What are the payment options? Find out here

3. Does an e-bike come with a warranty, and how do I insure it? Find out here

4. What are the different types and speeds of an e-bike? Find out here

5. What’s the battery’s range and life before recycling? Find out here

6. What is the weight limit of an e-bike, and what do they weigh? Find out here

7. How do I maintain an e-bike? What if it needs to be repaired? Find out here

8. Can I ride an e-bike in the rain or snow? Find out here

9. How do I keep an e-bike safe and secure? Find out here

10. What else should I do before purchasing an e-bike? Find out here

Have fun on your new e-bike. We would enjoy hearing about your experiences; please e-mail editor at HaveFunBiking.com!

Two chances to win an E-bike

Affinity Plus “Win This E-bike”register here

Win this Pedego City Commuter E-Bike from Affinity Plus

HaveFunBiking “Win This E-bike”register here

Win this Magnum Navigator X E-bike from HFB

Contacts for fun and safe bicycling in Minnesota

Affinity Plustheir website

Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN) – their website

Bicycling News (e-bikes are outpacing e-car sales) their website

Car Free MSPtheir website

Cargo Bike Shoptheir website

Erik’s Bike Shoptheir website

GoCycletheir website

HaveFunBiking.comtheir website

HFB “10 tips on buying an e-bike”weblink

MnDOT Bike Safetytheir website

MnDOT Digital Maptheir website

MnDNR Park& Trailstheir website

Move Minneapolistheir website

Move Minnesota their website

Pedego Stillwatertheir website

Pedego Twin Citiestheir website

Perennial Cycletheir website

QBPtheir website

Surly their website

Velosurancetheir website

Watt Cycle Workstheir website