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A list of bike companies in the Eco Experience Building at the MN State Fair

Thanks for exploring all the electric assist bikes (e-bikes) in the Eco Experience Building at the Minnesota State Fair. From past events, check out the top 10 questions asked when considering an e-bike. With the latest options in e-transportation available today, thanks to Affinity Plus and HaveFunBiking. Below, find links to two E-bike you can win. Plus, a list of bike shops with their favorite electric assist bicycle they are exhibiting. Also, find their contact information you may want to bookmark and have available when you need an E-bike.

Along with questions on the new Minnesota Electric-Assisted Bicycle Rebate Program, here are the answers to the top ten (10) questions asked:  

Top 10 questions asked when selecting an e-bike

With the popularity of e-bikes, many are asking what is the best bike to buy.

1. What does an e-bike cost? Find out here

2. What are the payment options? Find out here

3. Does an e-bike come with a warranty, and how do I insure it? Find out here

4. What are the different types and speeds of an e-bike? Find out here

5. What’s the battery’s range and life before recycling? Find out here

6. What is the weight limit of an e-bike, and what do they weigh? Find out here

7. How do I maintain an e-bike? What if it needs to be repaired? Find out here

8. Can I ride an e-bike in the rain or snow? Find out here

9. How do I keep an e-bike safe and secure? Find out here

10. What else should I do before purchasing an e-bike? Find out here

Have fun on your new e-bike. We would enjoy hearing about your experiences; please e-mail editor at HaveFunBiking.com!

Two chances to win an E-bike

Affinity Plus “Win This E-bike”register here

Win this Pedego City Commuter E-Bike from Affinity Plus

HaveFunBiking “Win This E-bike”register here

Win this Magnum Navigator X E-bike from HFB

Contacts for fun and safe bicycling in Minnesota

Affinity Plustheir website

Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN) – their website

Bicycling News (e-bikes are outpacing e-car sales) their website

Car Free MSPtheir website

Cargo Bike Shoptheir website

Erik’s Bike Shoptheir website

GoCycletheir website

HaveFunBiking.comtheir website

HFB “10 tips on buying an e-bike”weblink

MnDOT Bike Safetytheir website

MnDOT Digital Maptheir website

MnDNR Park& Trailstheir website

Move Minneapolistheir website

Move Minnesota their website

Pedego Stillwatertheir website

Pedego Twin Citiestheir website

Perennial Cycletheir website

QBPtheir website

Surly their website

Velosurancetheir website

Watt Cycle Workstheir website

Take a look below at some of the most common and damaging cycling mistakes and solutions made by newbies and seasoned riders alike.

Some of the best E-Bikes available were shown at Interbike

by John Brown, HaveFunBiking.com

There was a consistent buzz throughout the week of Interbike and part of the high was the hum of some of the best e-Bikes out there. E-bikes have become big business in the biking world and for good reason. With the baby boomer generation aging, but refusing to slow down, there is a real need for motor assisted bicycles. E-Bikes offer extended range by giving the rider a boost of power when things get tough. Keep in mind, most of these bicycles don’t have a throttle as a standard feature and only activate a motor when the going gets tough. Take a look at some of the best e-bikes at the show.

Surface 604 was one of the best e-bikes

A welcome surprise at Dirt Demo was Surface E-Bikes. I spoke with Sam (the founder) for a while before testing out the bikes. Sam was a designer for a major bicycle company in Canada for years before having the impetus to start Surface 604. He knew that E-Bikes would soon sweep the nation, but saw a gap in the market where high quality/low cost bikes should be. Using his design and manufacturing experience he set out to fill that need. I’m happy to say I think he did it. The Rook is a trekking style bike (think hybrid with lights, fenders and a rack) designed to be comfortable and utilitarian. The bike rides well without the pedal assist and absolutely hums when the motor kicks in. The fit and finish of the Rook is every bit as nice as it’s more expensive counterparts and offers additional features that many overlook.

Interbike E Bikes

Surface Colt with detail of included headlight and tail light

In addition to the rook, Surface also produces the eye-catching Boar fatbike. It’s camouflage paint scheme and ability to go almost anywhere make it an ideal bike for any hunter or sportsperson.

Interbike E Bike

The Boar is as versatile as it is cool

Vintage Electric Bikes

Where Surface focused on the cost conscious, Vintage Electric Bicycles went to satiate the most discerning riders. Just one look at their unique model line will have you begging to throw a leg over and fly down the road. These E-Bikes are inspired by the classic style while boasting modern day technology. Great touches like die cast aluminum battery cases, make these bikes look like a custom café racer while elegantly storing the battery in a lightweight shell. Of all the bikes in their booth the Scrambler was the true show stopper. It seemed no detail and no cost was spared in making this modern day classic.

Interbike E Bike

Vintage Scrambler looks like it’s ready to take off!

Focus E-bikes

Focus is a bicycle brand based out of Germany. They are well known for their technologically advanced bicycles. Focus is also known for their bold and progressive paint schemes. When it comes to E-Mountain Bikes, Focus delivers on both technology and appearance. It was impossible to miss the BOLD2 with its clean lines and amazing appearance. Even though this bike wows you with its looks, the real story is in the BOLD2 ‘s function. Focus armed this E-Mountain Bike with Shimano’s new XT motor system that is specifically designed for off road use. Additionally, they use a smart collection of parts to ensure you can tackle any trail and a beautifully hydro-formed frame to help keep the weight low. Best of all is that this bike can use 27+ wheels (that’s a 27.5×3” tire) guaranteeing all the traction you will need.

Interbike E Bike

Great looking, Great power, and awesome function. Focus checks all the boxes with the Bold2

Overall the best e-bikes on the market are still evolving with new brands and parts arriving daily. If these options are any indication of things to come, we are all in luck.