European e-bike promoter shares the latest with the KSTP-TV audience

It is exciting! As the e-bike continues to gain in popularity, the E-bike Challenge comes to Minneapolis this weekend—the first major electric bike show here in the United States.  On the Twin City Live show, with Steve and Eydie, Theo Jorna, the show promoter from the Netherlands explained to the audience what will take place this Saturday and Sunday.

If the idea of using an electric bike, called an e-bike, has piqued your interest, check it out! If you want to commute to work, adjust the pedal assist mode so you don’t work up a sweat and soil your clothes. Then, on the way home let the workout begin and relieve stress by a simple adjustment to the pedal assist mode. So if you are looking to extend your range of bicycle travel, it’s easy. Just make plans and come to the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis March 23–24, 2019. Then test all the latest e-bike models on the shows indoor test track.

So what is a pedal-assist e-bike?

A “pedal-assist” e-bike has a battery and motor that only works when the bicyclist is pedaling. It is set to work in tandem with the cyclist pedal stroke not to replace the benefits of cycling. To repeat, with a pedal-assist system, the rider must pedal to engage the motor to enable a more leisurely ride. See more in the show’s: E-bike/Hike Guide to learn more.

With more than 30 bicycle brands exhibiting at the show, each brand will have several models, so choosing the right type of e-bike for your style of riding is easy. You will be able to find an electric bike for commuting, recreational riding or hauling cargo, plus options for shuttling the family, e-trikes, e-fat-bikes, and many e-bike accessories.

A fun test track, many workshop presentations and more

Just imagine, after narrowing down your e-bike selection, taking the bike out for a spin on the indoor track set up around the venue at the E-bike Challenge. The event also features breakout sessions, a kids’ bike test track, an e-bike theater space, fun family activities, and more.

Breakout sessions at the event include, “Easy commuting by e-bike” and “The secret of ice fishing with a fat tire e-bike.” Another keynote presentation will feature, “How to build the future bicycling friendly city.”

Tickets for the E-bike Challenge are six dollars at the door. When purchased online, they are four dollars; and children up to 12-years with a parent or guardian are free.

For more information about the E-bike Challenge, including vendor information, visit