Biking helped her lose nearly 300 pounds

Electric Pete, 
On February 7, 2012 Rhonda Martin weighed 457 pounds and she said “I decided I was tired of just existing and wanted to live again.” Now over the past two years she has lost nearly 300 pounds thanks to a healthier diet and an exercise routine that includes riding an electric assist bike.


Rhonda on her Pedego City Commuter

The electric bike was a way for her to initially get some exercise and have some fun. She now rides a Pedego City Commuter e-bike 38 miles round trip to work in addition to recreational rides she takes with her husband.


On her conventional bike

In addition to losing the weight she has also become a competitive triathlete (using a conventional road bike).

Rhonda says “when I started I could maybe walk 150 steps at a time and decided I no longer wanted to exist that way. I wanted to live again. First, I started walking and counting calories. I follow no diet or meal plan. Then I started riding an electric bike and fell in love with cycling. By making small changes over time, I have gained my life back and have become a triathlete. I share my story in hope that others will know that change is possible. “


A triathlon triumph

Rhonda has built a serious following that you can see more on her blog, called Living Instead of Existing and on her Facebook page .

From her Facebook page Rhonda says, “I have created this page to document my journey. I want to be able to share all my triumphs and struggle and hopefully be able to help others along the way. This is my way to pay it forward. I have had so many people help me along my journey and I just want to be able to help others. Losing weight and getting healthy can be a very daunting task when done alone. That’s why I have created this page, to form a community of support and to be able to share all of our triumphs and stumbles along the way.”

Recently Good Morning America featured Rhonda’s story in the following video.


Rhonda enjoying biking with her family and friends

Rhonda’s story is very inspiring and it is just another example of how electric assist bikes can get more people into cycling for health and fun.

If you have a story about your biking experience? Please share it in the comment section below.


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