To bike or not to bike exhibit helps answer question

As biking is on the rise here and across the country, the Twin Cities is also a leader in bike innovations and technology as demonstrated at the latest exhibit in the Goldstein Museum of Design, in St Paul, Minn. Now through May 10th, see: “Design Cycle”, which will help answer that question handily “to bike or not to bike?”


Poster shows the Minneapolis Greenway Coridor

Confirm your own hunches about why riding is a must in Minnesota, a state with a long time commitment to cracking the code on how bikes work in U.S. cities. Known for an expansive infrastructure that has increased ridership, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is also home to a committed culture of cyclists with entrepreneurial savvy.

in the gallery see frames by regional builders including: Erik Noren and Curt Goodrich; gear and tools by Twin Six and Bike Fixtation; and the history fat bikes and Surly’s contributions to this growing industry.  You will also see a short presentation on early bicycling along with several maps to provide insights into the inherent allure of bicycles.

Plan to attend before the weather warms up…it’s free and open Tuesdays through Sundays into May.

For more information and on this bike exhibit checkout their website.

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