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Here in the bike pic, a cyclist finds winter bike riding can be fun when commuting in the Anoka, County Area of the Twin Cities Metro.

Bike Pic Dec. 26, winter bike riding fun in Minnesota’s bold north

Here in the bike pic, a cyclist finds winter fat bike riding fun when commuting in the Anoka County Area. To see more about the year-round bicycling opportunities in the Twin City Gateway check out our HaveFunBiking At-a-glance article.

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Cold weather bicycle training options

As the temperature starts to drop over the next few weeks, it’s time to think about how you are going to stay in shape as ice and snow starts to accumulate. Do you store you your bike away and renew your membership to the gym? Dig your trainer out of storage and set up your bike in the living room?  Or, do you go to a bike shop that offers a weekly training program, using state-of-the-art equipment and a knowledgeable instructor to hone your skills while keeping you motivated through the winter?

If your interest peaked with the third training option above, we found a bike shop in Mendota Heights, Minn. to check out, or to use as a comparison for a shop closer to where you live. According to Tom, at One Ten Cycles, “we are going to be having an indoor trainer class on Saturdays starting in November. All a rider needs to do is bring his or her bike and cell phone. We have Kurt Kinetic “Smart” Trainers, in a group setting that actually tracks your power, cadence, speed and distance. Plus, our classes are run by Jessica Kessler, who has been teaching indoor cycling/spin classes for over 12 years.”

Signing up for a weekly SMART Trainer series at a local bike shop will ensure that you not only maintain your baseline, but also improve your confidence level.

Signing up for a weekly SMART Trainer series at a local bike shop will ensure that you not only maintain your baseline, but also improve your confidence level.

Using a SMART Trainer series at a bike shop, along with a knowledgeable instructor, will ensure that you not only maintain your baseline, but also improve performance. Come next spring, you will have more confidence and be a better, stronger, faster rider ready to gear up with friend!

See more about One Ten Cycles SMART Trainer Program so you are ready for all the biking adventures that come your way in 2016.