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For every new bike there are bike accessories you should consider getting. Accessories will make you more comfortable, more informed, and more prepared.

Quick vacation tips for renting a bicycle and having some fun

by John Brown, 

Taking your bicycle with you when you travel is not always possible, but don’t give up on the idea of riding altogether. Renting a bicycle is an easy way to experience new places. Plus, it gives you a chance to try a new bike out that you may want to buy when you get home. Before you travel, here are a few tips to get you going.

Here in the photo above a visitor to the Twin Cities is being helped by the staff at One Ten Cycles in Mendota Heights, a couple of miles south of the MSP Airport.

 Renting a Bicycle At One of Many Bike Shops

As bike trails and paths are becoming more commonplace, more bike shops are entering the rental market. Before you travel, find a few area bike shops and call about renting a bicycle. Be sure to ask about both rental fleets (typically made up of basic mountain bikes, cruisers or hybrids) as well as “Demo” bikes. Many shops that don’t rent bikes have demo units used to let potential buyers try before they buy. The fee for a demo is usually higher than that of a standard rental, but the bicycle quality is also typically higher.

renting a bicycle bike shop

Renting a bicycle outside a bike shop

Renting a Bicycle Consider Rental Companies

In most major cities or tourist destinations, there are businesses that only rent bikes. Finding one of these companies is as easy as a google search or ask the hotel you are staying in. Many rental companies have services in place to deliver a rental bike to the hotel. If you are going to the rental shop understand They usually operate on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to get there early if you are trying to ride on a busy weekend.

renting a bicycle avalon

Rental fleet

Or Bike Share Programs

Bike shares are becoming very popular throughout the US and abroad. Companies like BCycle, Zagster, and Citi bike offer options to rent “as you go” with tons of locations around the US. Bike shares are a great option if you are touring a city because you can pick up a bike in one location, explore, and then drop the bike off at a docking station any time of day or night.

renting a bicycle citibike

Citi Bike docking station

Renting a Bicycle Touring Companies Also A Option

Many bike tour companies have bike fleets. Tour companies such as Trek Travel and Backroads offer tours around the globe and supply bikes as part of the cost. The benefit of taking a dedicated tour is support. Lodging, Equipment, route, food, and guides are all included in the cost of the trip.

Getting Comfortable

The most important trick to make sure you have a great bike rental experience is to make sure the bicycle is comfortable. Your own pedals, saddle, and the right size bike are a great way to start.


If you don’t have a bike, ask for the brand and model of the bike from the rental company. Then, try to find a local bike shop that sells that model. If you stop into the shop and explain your situation, they can typically let you know what size you ride. As a side benefit, If you like the bike you rented, that local bike shop would be a great place to buy one to keep at home.


If you use clipless pedals, remove them from your bike, drop them in a ziplock bag, store them in your riding shoes, and bring them with you. Once you get your rental bike, have your pedals installed. Having a familiar pedal can go a long way to make a new bike feel like your bike at home.


Measure your saddle height. Do this by rotating your pedals until a crank arm is in line with the seat tube of your bicycle. Use a tape measure to measure from the top of the saddle to the middle of the pedal (in line with the seat tube). Also, measure the distance from the tip of your saddle to the handlebars and the height of your handlebars. Once you get your rental, ask to have it adjusted to be as close to your own bike’s measurements as possible. Keep in mind that one bike will never fit exactly like another, so close is great.

Renting a bicycle measurments

Key measurements


After measuring the height of your saddle, remove it from your bike and bring it with you. Having the rental company install your saddle on the rental is a nice way to make an unfamiliar bicycle comfortable.

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An emergency bike tire boot repair option

Brad Kopp, One ten Cycles Service Manager/Assistant Store Manager

The inevitable truth is that every avid cyclist has, or will eventually have, a flat while riding and need a bike tire boot repair. When considering a repair the key is to identify the cause of the flat and resolving the issue before continuing with an inner tube replacement. Having the right tools and knowledge will help get you rolling down the trail safely again.

A bike tire boot repair option

Identifying the need for a bike tire boot repair from a blow out.

Identifying the need for a bike tire boot repair from a blow out.

The type of hole in the inner tube can give you an idea of whether a tire boot is necessary. A small pinhole would indicate a puncture via thorn, wire, glass etc.  Two small cuts on either side of the tube indicate a pinch flat caused by too low of pressure and an impact with a rock or pothole. In most cases, these scenarios do not necessitate a tire repair.

Identifying a blowout

Installing a bike tire boot when you need to repair from a blow out.

Installing a bike tire boot when you need to repair from a blow out.

A blowout can be identified by a large shredded hole or a long horizontal slit, commonly caused by a ripped tire or improperly seated tire bead. Failure to repair the tire casing in the event of a blowout could allow your new inner tube to protrude from the tire and flat immediately. It’s possible to temporarily repair a tire with a boot such as Park Tool’s TB-2. It should be noted that booted tires should be replaced as soon as possible.

Take the following steps to repair a damaged tire:

  1. Temporarily repair a tire with a boot such as Park Tool’s TB-2.

    Temporarily repair a tire with a boot such as Park Tool’s TB-2.

    Locate cut or tear in tire.

  2. Clean inside of tire around tear (alcohol wipes work excellent).
  3. Locate and remove emergency tire boot backing.
  4. Place patch over damaged tire casing, making sure not to overlap the tire bead.
  5. Firmly press down patch.
  6. Re-install tire and tube.

Pro Tip: Also inspect for rim strip failure in the event of a blowout. A damaged rim strip can sometimes be emergency repaired with a section of a TB-2 patch.=-09876543.

For more questions related to keeping your bike in top shape, stop in an see Brad at One ten Cycles, On Highway 100, west of the 35E Freeway in Mendota Heights, MN.