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Here we caught a number of touring cyclists enjoying some of routes in Minnesota's Bluff Country, that will be a part of the LaCrosse Bicycle Festival, September 1 - 4. 

Bike Pic July 27, A picture perfect day riding Bluff Country

Here in this bike pic, we caught a number of touring cyclists enjoying some of the scenic routes in Minnesota’s Bluff Country, in southeast Minnesota.

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Something for the whole family, LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival

Register early and enjoy four days of V.I.P treatment at the LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival, September 2nd through the 5th. This Labor Day weekend in LaCrosse, events includes mountain biking, architectural tours, coffee and muffin rides, ice cream rides, 30-100 mile road rides, live music, and entertainment. All rides leave from Cameron Park (unless noted).

Win this Wyatt fat bike at the LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival.

Win a Wyatt’s fat bike at the LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival by registering before August 1st..

Free to the public, unless you want V.I.P. treatment. Register early to take advantage of all the festival has to offer. Register here for a fun Labor Day Weekend bike adventure.

The Family Friendly LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival Social Rides

Each morning of the LaCrosse  Bicycle Festival starts with a leisurely morning coffee ride with stops to taste the special roasts at several shops. Along the way the tour will explore picturesque neighborhoods and city trails through the wildlife areas. Additionally, you can Pedal/Paddle the back waters of the Mississippi if you prefer.

Register early and pedal your bike out to French Park. There, select a paddle board, kayak, or canoe for a family-friendly exploration of the backwaters of the Mississippi. Limited to the first 20, so register before August 1st .

Pump track fun at the LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival.

Pump track fun at the LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival is easy and will help you improve your mountain bike skills.

Throughout the afternoon, there are several bike tours around town that are family friendly. From ice cream and play ground rides, kid-friendly mountain bike rides, historic neighborhood tours, plus a beer/bike tour to add to the fun while in LaCrosse.

Time To Get Serious At The LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival

This years Festival will also feature several scenic routes in both Wisconsin and across the river into Minnesota. On Saturday, plan to take the 56-mile version of the Coon Valley Coulee Express, east of LaCrosse. On this route enjoy the narrow and twisty ravines and valleys that make for great bicycling in the coulees. The Grandad Bluff Loop is a shorter option with a stop at a much-loved overlook.

Tour both Wisconsin coulee's and Minnesota's Driftless at the LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival.

Tour both the Wisconsin coulee’s and some of Minnesota’s Driftless Area at the LaCrosse Area Bicycle Festival.

To the west of LaCrosse on Sunday, cross the Mississippi and explore Minnesota’s bluffs and farmland. Yo will be visiting the communities of La Crescent, Houston, Brownsville, and Hokah.  This featured ride is known as the Driftless Region’s Most Scenic Ride (DRMSR). DRMSR features wide-open landscapes and several challenging climbs on this 82-mile loop. The optional Apple Blossom ride leaves LaCrosse by the same route and explores the same region as the DRMSR, but is done in just 35 miles, at your own speed.

Also consider the annual LaCrosse Gravel Classic. This being its seventh year, you can treat this 56-mile course as a road race or a bike tour enjoying the scenery along the way.

Meanwhile, back in LaCrosse, the ever-popular Ice Cream Rides visits different shops that make their own ice cream. Sign up today for a fun weekend!