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New products for that next outdoor adventure

As tree buds appear along the forested trails, finally shedding their winter coat, here is a list of new products we thought you might find interesting for that next outdoor adventure.

New products for lovers of bikes

Over my 25 years in the cycling industry, I have found that the excitement of a new bike only increases as you get older. Here are a few bikes to check out at your favorite bike shop.

Marin B-17

Marin has packed a ton of value into these bicycles. Their aluminum frame comprises highly manipulated tubing and buttery smooth sealed bearing pivots. Altogether, it’s hard to find a better value.  As a 120mm travel trail bike, it is at home on almost any trail. The 27.5” x 3” tires offer unparalleled confidence even when the trails get rough. With models starting at $2100 that sport fully tunable suspension, a 1×11 speed drivetrain, and hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, there’s very little competition.

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Tern GSD

“Set Stuff Done” is right! The Tern GSD leaves almost nothing to be desired from a utility bike. It can be easily stored upright and out of the way when not in use, loaded to the gills with cargo, or equipped to carry a passenger. In fact, thanks to the Bosch motor and the ability to run two batteries, the possibilities for this bike are nearly endless. Hop over to the Tern site and see what there is to offer.

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Focus Bold2

Simply put, this is the best-looking E-bike I have seen. It uses a smart component selection that compliments the Shimano XT Motor, making the Bold 2 a dream machine. Ample power will lift you up the hills and the bike’s great geometry, Rockshox suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes will allow you to attack the descents with confidence. Buzz over to Focus and read up on this spectacular machine.

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Bike Accessories

Lupine SL-A7

For the Commuter, there is no better or safer gift than the Lupine SL-A7. It’s amazing light output and surgically accurate beam pattern are unparalleled in realm of cycling lights. For more info, take a look at our Out of the box article.

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Magicshine Genie in Our Gift Guide

Helmets typically do one thing and one thing only – keep your head safe. MagicShine has infused its expertise in lighting into the helmet to create the very best in safety and visibility. The Genie helmet has a surprisingly bright 350-lumen headlamp, a rear blinker, and remote-controlled blinkers. Click here for more info.

Ass Savers fender

I received one of these fenders as a giveaway and never thought about it. That is until one day when I was getting ready to leave for work on my cross bike and it began to rain. Without time to install a complete fender set, I grabbed the “giveaway”, and clipped it to my saddle. While I never thought much about the Ass Saver, the designers sure did. This fender that weighs almost nothing can be installed in seconds and packed away easily was an absolute epiphany. As advertised it kept my rear dry and never moved from its place. Buy one for all your friends, they’re that good.

Manitou suspension

Quietly and persistently, Manitou has been making a name for itself as a sturdy, efficient, tune-able, and high-quality suspension brand. Many don’t consider adjusting their suspension an important feature, and that is because the most suspension is not very tune-able. This is not the case with Manitou. In fact, they offer more range of tuning adjustments than most brands as well as aftermarket kits to make your suspension fit your needs perfectly. They do this while maintaining one of the most precise steering chassis around.

Lintaman shoes

A lifelong cycling and industry veteran, Chris Lintaman, started the shoe company bearing his name in his new home of Taichung, Taiwan. I remember him starting out the brand as a guy with a bag of shoes at Eurobike. Fast forward to today, where you can see his shoes under professional cyclists around the world. The reason so many professional riders buy  Lintaman shoes is that they are wildly adjustable for fit, and massively efficient. If you are looking for the most comfortable shoes in the world, look no further than Lintaman.

Sealskinz Socks and gloves

Minnesota is a tough place to bike, to say the least. Happily, Sealskinz has made it easier for me. Starting with their waterproof socks, saving my toes in the fall, and moving into the Halo glove’s remarkable warmth into the Icy low teens, Sealskinz has kept me warm time and time again. Check out a few of our reviews for more info, or click to their site to see the whole line.

Vittoria Bomboloni tires

Over the last 25 years, I’ve repeatedly been impressed with Vittoria tires. That same feeling carries into my most recent test of the Vittoria Bomboloni 27+ tires. For your mountain biking pleasure, these tires are awesome!

Tailwind Nutrition

Anyone on your holiday list that rides needs electrolyte replacement at some point. The supplement I would recommend above all else is Tailwind Nutrition. The light flavor and lack of an aftertaste are reasons enough to use Tailwind. Now when you couple those reasons with the fact that Tailwind will never leave your belly sour like so many other sports drinks, the choice is easy.

Athlos clothing

Athlos is new to the custom clothing game and making serious waves. Custom used to mean you needed to buy huge quantities and settle for low quality. With Athlos, you can buy one jersey, and the quality is on par with the best cycling brands which charge three times the cost. Additionally, Athlos has a team of designers waiting to convert your thoughts and concepts into real-world design.

Rocky mounts Carlito lock

For students, commuters, or riders who just love to have their bicycles well secured, RockMounts locks are a great gift. Over the past few years, RockyMounts invested heavily into their lock designs and developed some really cool products. I love their Carlito lock most of all because it is light, tough, and easy to use.

Darn Tough socks

Why not stuff stocking with stockings? Darn tough is a sock company out of Vermont with a lifetime sock warranty. Yes, you read that correctly. Forget an everlasting gobstopper, you can buy someone socks that will last forever! When I met with the sales group at Darn Tough and pressed them about their warranty, they couldn’t have been any clearer – Lifetime Warranty! “what if I have a pair of 15-year-old socks?” I asked, “Lifetime warranty” they replied. “What if I wear only one pair of socks through a six-month Appalachian Trail hike,” they replied, Sure! After a few months of wearing the Darn Tough Socks, I must say they are super comfortable and as tough as the namesake.

AutoRack Tail light

We all need to get our bikes from point A to point B. What nobody thinks about is the inherent danger of traveling with your bike on the back of your car. Bikes can obscure the tail lights from other drivers and make it difficult to see when you are stopping. Enter AutoRack to the rescue. This light setup weighs almost nothing and mounts to the last bike on your rack by way of a few straps. This gift is perfect for any rider!

The Auto Rack is a tail light extension system that offers motorist behind a clear view of the operators intentions.

This Bike Pic Thursday, its a perfect day to get out on the trail, hopefully with family or friends like these mountain bikers.

The 2022 Fathers Day gift guide for that special dad

Here at HaveFunBiking, we just found some items for dad or your next summer’s outdoor adventures. So skip giving dad ‘Old Spice’ or a restaurant gift card this year and check out the following items in our Fathers Day gift guide. We think we have found some fun ideas that dad wants and will keep him active and happy. Many gift options to fit into your budget?

HandleStash cup holder in our Fathers Day gift guide

HandleStash bicycle cup holder


The cup holder is so good; it is like it’s woven from a magical outer space silkworm. It looks like a million bucks, and the heavier fabric does an even better job absorbing vibrations and resisting unwanted movement. Same design as the other cup holders in the line. See the video. With the unique fabric, holds your drink with diamond hands. With a price of $38.00, See more details and order options here.

Frost Buddy can cooler

Frost Buddy vacuum-sealed stainless steel cooler

You will find the HandleStash Frost Buddy above the perfect holder for all your favorite 12 and 16-oz cans, slim cans, and bottles. You never have to switch can coolers; with the double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel, 9-in-1 design, your beverage will stay cold for up to 12+ hours. Bring your Universal Buddy anywhere; you’ll have every drink covered and cold until the last drop! Whether camping, biking, on the beach or relaxing for the night, it’s better with a Buddy. With a price of $29.99, See more details and order options here.

Allett | Hybrid Card Wallet w/Micro Pen

Allett wallet, with pen

Our next fathers day gift guide item is the Allett Hybrid Card Wallet. This sleek and tidy wallet has space for a stack of folded bills. The intuitive design of the wallet has two internal card pockets, a clear ID pocket, plus a tiny strap loop built to hold the micro pen. Plus, the exterior side of the wallet has one card pocket. This cardholder/wallet hybrid is a good option for that person on the go with a price of $58.00. See more details and order options here.

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito & Tick Repellent Spray

Murphy’s Naturals lemon eucalyptus oil mosquito/tick repellent spray

Murphy’s lemon eucalyptus oil mosquito/tick repellent is the only spray powered by the only plant-based active ingredient recommended by the CDC that works as well as DEET. Murphy’s repels mosquitoes, including those that may carry Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue Virus, and Chikungunya Virus, for up to 6 hours. Each application also provides 4 hours of protection against Deer Ticks, which may transmit Lyme Disease. And will repel Lone Star Ticks and Brown Dog Ticks for more than 8 hours. For $9.99, see more details and order options here.

Pale Blue USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries

Pale Blue USB Rechargeable Batteries

Pale Blue focuses on creating a better way for customers to meet their battery needs without creating unnecessary waste. The company offers several sizes of lithium-ion batteries able to fast charge through your USB  lithium. By leveraging technology, innovation, and inspired product creation, each Pale Blue battery will give you a 1000+ charge cycle with onboard safe charging technology. For $29.99, see more details and order options here.

The BUFF® Pack Speed Cap


The perfect gift for long road rides or muddy trails, the BUFF® cap fits comfortably under your helmet and will keep you protected on your ride. The cap is extremely light to wear and easy to pack for travel. Minimal effort for maximum use; unfold your cap and go. You will also find the BUFF® product line continues to grow with hats, caps, gloves, and arm sleeves. Perfect for high UV sun protection to extreme cold weather conditions to keep the fun and adventure outside longer mindfully. For $30.00, see more details and order options here.

CrazyCap 2

CrazyCap 2 insulated water bottle/purifier

CRAZYCAP cleans and then pays for Itself using modern UV-C water purification technology to purify your water and cleanse your bottle. The ultra-durable design of the bottle not only lasts a decade but also keeps away tons of single-use plastic usage. The award-winning bottle is tested and certified by NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) and is perfect for moderate adventure when used in Crazy Mode. The self-cleaning bottle has built-in UV-C LED water purification, with a rechargeable, long-life battery (7 days on a single charge), and the ultra-insulated bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. For $79.00, see more details and order options here.

Mountain Heritage Wool Socks
Micro weight Full Cushion Mini Crew

Minus33-Micro Weight Full Cushion-Mini Crew

A sock for every active outdoor occasion by combining Minus33’s knowledge and what they learned after redesigning their classic sock styles, this brand new sock collection could meet your needs when tackling that next adventure. The entire bed padding makes this Merino Wool sock versatile in all aspects of the outdoor playground. Wear the Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Mini Crew Sock while hiking, biking, or playing tennis. Regardless, this sock will provide you with features like venting, elastic support, and heel and toe plating, all with a micro weight and minimal feel. For $16.49, see more details and order options here.

Tickless Active

Tickless Active chemical-free tick repellent

Tickless Active is an ideal solution to keep ticks away during outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, and gardening. Tickless is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and works without releasing chemicals or odors. The Tickless device offers long-lasting protection and is perfect for your pets too. This rechargeable device emits a series of ultrasonic pulses undetectable to people, pets, or wildlife but interferes with the ability of ticks and fleas to orient themselves. With a price of $59.99, see more details and order options here.

Pannier Backpack – The convertible office

The Two Wheel Gear 2.0 Pannier/Backpack

Two Wheel Gear’s Pannier Backpack Convertible 2.0 PLUS was voted “Best bike pannier to hold a mobile office” and is perfect for commuting, touring, and bike packing. And its plus-sized makes it easy to hold even more gear, with its organizational pockets, including a 15″ padded laptop protection slot, With a pocket on the side to hold a water bottle and a clasp on the back to attach a helmet. For $179.00, see more details and order options here.

Bish’s Original Tear Mender

Tear Mender’s sewing kit in a bottle is a practical gift for those who lead busy lives and do not have time to mess with a needle and thread. The glue forms a prominent, waterproof bond to any porous material such as fabric and the underside of the leather. The unique formula works well to repair rips, tears, and snags on pants, jackets, sweaters, shirts, and even shoes. Keep a bottle of Tear Mender handy for emergency repairs on the go. The Tear Mender product, along with their vinyl and fiber patch line, is filled, packaged, and shipped by employees from Lighthouse for the Blind. For $7.99, see more details and order options here.

Pirani Life, the reusable, insulated tumbler cups

Pirani Insulated Party Tumbler helps reduce single-use plastic.

Party sustainably everywhere you go with this stainless steel, vacuum insulated, stackable, and easy to carry. The last cup you will ever need, the Pirani reusable insulated tumbler keeps the spirit of the occasion alive, hot or cold. While earning you some good environmental juju by helping eliminate the 500 billion single-use cups wasted around the world each year. Bring this Reusable Party Cup to your coffee shop, tailgating before a game, or on your next outdoor adventure. Your drinks are guaranteed to be perfect in the middle of summer or dead winter. For $25.95, see more details and order options here.

The DaHÄNGER | DaBIGRING Wall Hanger

DaBigRing pedal hook

DaBigRing pedal hook is a horizontal bicycle storage system that holds the bicycle by the pedals with adjustable legs with three settings. The 18, 25, or 30-degree angle setting will allow dad to put his bike in the best position no matter the application. This pedal hook unit holds up to 65 lbs. and includes everything needed for installation, with a price of $64.00, see more details and order options here.

CyclGage – bike compass and dial thermometer

CyclCage Bike Compass & Thermometer easily clips on /off your handlebars.

One of the must-have bicycle accessories for road bikes, mountain bikes, and kid’s bikes. Clips to the bike handlebars for instant direction and temperature reading. Both compass and thermometer are cushion-mounted and liquid-filled, luminous for visibility while biking in low light conditions and the thermometer reads to -20 degrees Fahrenheit and includes freeze and heat-warning zones. With a price of $24.99, see more details and order options here.

Fenix TK20R V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight

Fenix Rechargeable Flashlight

This ultra-bright tactical flashlight is perfect for that next adventure, with an output of 3000 lumens. The Luminus SFT70 LED flashlight has excellent features that include USB Type-C Charging, inner waterproofing, and dual rear switch operation. At the highest output, the TK20R V2.0 has a visibility range of 1558 ft. The eco mode on the TK20R will give you a runtime of 48 hours with the included 5000mAh 21700 battery. Additional features include an IP68 waterproof rating and impact resistance up to 4.9 ft. The TK20R can be used for many tasks, including patrolling, search & rescue, self-defense, and EDC with various brightness levels. This version is an upgrade from the previous best-selling TK20R commonly used by law enforcement and military personnel.

The Fenix TK20R is also compatible with many Fenix accessories, including the ALG-16 M-Lok rail mount, ALG-18 barrel mount, AOT-M Traffic wand, and the AOD-M Diffuser tip. For $129.95, see more details and order options here.

 I’d Rather Be Camping Socks

I’d Rather Be Camping (Green/Blue) Socks

A perfect gift for the person who loves to embrace the great outdoors. These funny camping socks will keep the feet warm and spirits high! One of many themes to choose this design features a beautiful camping scene complete with a bonfire, mountains, lake, canoe, starry night sky, and bear prints. While the bottom of the socks showcases a funny saying: “I’d Rather Be Camping.” Any outdoorsy man or the house lady is sure to love these socks! Perfect for those who enjoy hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, and exploring. $11.95; see more details and order options here.

CBD Warming Balm + Arnica + Menthol

Soothing CBD warming recovery salve

Give Dad a gift that soothes his aches and promotes recovery with 1,000mg CBD + Arnica + Menthol in a luxurious warming Recovery Balm. This potent blend of Hemp derived CBD with soothing Arnica extract and cooling Menthol relieves soreness and inflammation from arthritis, tendonitis, and the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. A potent natural preparation that can be an effective alternative to pharmaceutical NSAIDs. For $59.99, see more details and order options here.

Pro Tip: This warming balm is designed for going deep, staying lubricious for 10+ minutes, and is great for targeted self-massage or partner massage.

DARIAN – Insect/Sun Shield Garment

Darian -Insect Shield Mossy Oak® Camouflage Shirt

Dad will find the jacquard weave of this shirt available for his next adventure. This long-sleeve tech hunting shirt is made from a lightweight, 4-way stretch material powered by Hydroplex™ cooling technology with 50+ UPF sun protection. The shirt features activated sweat and moisture reduction, tested and proven EPA-registered Insect Shield®, bug repellent technologies to protect against diseases like West Nile Viruses the mosquito carries, and Lyme Disease from ticks. For that next outdoor adventure, a comfortable shirt also works great as a layering piece in cooler weather for added warmth. For $36.99, see more details and order options here. 

Kali Gritt | Road and Gravel Adventure Helmet

Kali – Gritt, an all-new performance road, and gravel adventure Helmet

Kali’s newest venture into the performance road category, the Grit Helmet, is now available. The Grit features a Rheon low-density layer (LDL) to protect Dad in the case of a low-G linear or rotational crash. Plus, their proprietary Supervents increase the overall strength and help with ventilation. The Grit also features our new Frequency Fit System, with vertical adjust and dial retention for maximum comfort and a precision fit at $200. See more details and order options here.



The Freeway Longhaul is a rugged organizer that conveniently transports your gear from the home to your car, to the hotel, campsite, beach — wherever the road leads you.

The Freeway Longhaul features a customizable divider system and numerous pockets to keep your gear organized, secure, and easy to access. Plus, the bag folds flat to save space when in storage. And like all Think Tank products, we built the bag with high-quality materials and construction techniques that will serve you far into the future. For $149.75, see more details and order options here.



Help Dad find comfort in every step or pedal stroke with this insoles’ unique design. Tuli’s Plantar Fasciitis Insoles are full-length premium arch supports explicitly designed for plantar fasciitis for use by both men and women. The inserts with their 4-degree medial heel wedge evenly distribute the body weight pressure throughout the feet to help improve stability, balance, and posture. The insoles can be trimmed on the forefoot for optimal casual, dress, or athletic shoes. Priced at With a price of $39.99. See more details and order options here

The  Wind Blox | Wind-Blox Focus

Wind Blox | Wind-Blox Focus

Is it time dad replaces his bulky earmuffs with a sleeker look? The Wind-Blox Focus provides full ear coverage, the perfect solution for all-season riders and commuters. Wind-Blox patented technology is wind-tunnel tested and engineered to block more than 80% of wind noise. The Focus biking ear covers allow cyclists to keep the sounds they want to hear and remain tuned into their surroundings for audible riding at $20.00. See more details and order options here.

Kilo Endurance Sport Sunglasses


Also in the Fathers Day Gift Guide is Tifosi Optics’ most unique cycling sunglasses specially designed to enhance your ride. You will find an unrestricted view of the road or trail, offering maximum coverage and ergonomic face-fit protection from the elements.

The Kilo is available in three models, with two of the models equipped with multiple lenses. With a polarized smoke lens, their Blackout model is perfect for those looking for a single-lens solution. The Kilo line, with the Blackout, starts at $69.95; see more details and store locations here.

Check back for more Fathers Day gift guide items

There is still time. With Fathers Day on June 19th, the staff here at HaveFunBiking.com is still searching and maybe adding a few more gift ideas, so check back periodically.