The fall Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide is now live digitally. 

Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide Autumn e-Edition Now Available

Please take a look at the most recent e-MN Bike/Hike Guide – Fall Edition. So, you think you already have it downloaded? Please check to make sure it’s the newest edition to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. Then, bookmark it to your hand held devices for use when on the go!

Autumn E-Edition of the MN Bike/Hike Guide is Available

Now available is the digital, quarterly 2016 fall edition of the Minnesota Bike/Hike guide. In HaveFunBiking’s  (HFB) eighth year of printing, this handy pocket-sized book of bike travel maps and events are now updated quarterly in an e-format. With our new digital platform we are able to update information on bike travel tips regularly. Plus, we have added two more features to the guide. They include additional maps of places you may want to explore and current bike events for the next three months.

And now, our latest editions of the guide is formatted to fit your mobile phone and note pad devices. So, all bike event listed in the guide and bike friendly maps are easy to read. Plus, all of our maps include At-A-Glance links to our HFB Destination landing pages for easy access to information when on the go. Offering you more information on where to ride, eat, and stay while in an area. Plus, it’s updated from our summer edition. So, don’t miss out!

Share You Bike/Hike Guide Adventures

After your review, please share the 2016 MN Bike/Hike Guide – Fall Edition link with your friends and give them a chance to find their #NextBikeAdventure. Maybe you will ride together or share your adventures the next time you hang out. Either way, the guide opens many opportunities to stay active while having fun!

Don’t forget that you can send us your bike adventure pictures too! Add #NextBikeAdventure, tag us in your photo, or e-mail us to be featured in one of our bike pics of the day!