Electric bike expo countdown, 18-days until the E-bike Challenge

This Tuesday, it’s 18-days until the electric bike expo or E-bike Challenge Minneapolis. Mark your calendar for April 2 & 3, to find an expanded selection of electric-assist bikes from around the world to test ride.

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From a recent article at HaveFunBiking, the E-bike Challenge will again be at the Minneapolis Convention Center, on April 2 & 3. Here consumers can test and compare electric-assist bicycles on the mammoth indoor cycle track. In its inaugural year, 2019, it was deemed a success with attendees of all ages and abilities test riding e-bikes, while having fun.

So, what exactly is a pedal-assist bike or e-bike?

Hint – An e-bike is a bicycle that has a battery and electric motor to allow a cyclist to ride farther and with greater ease. However, the bicycle doesn’t do all the work by itself, it only assists! The bicyclist must be pedaled for the motor to engage, enabling an easier ride.

Start your E-bike Challenge visit with a 2022 Bike Guide and the daily E-bike parade

As you enter the bike expo hall and test track pick up your copy of the HaveFunBiking 2022 Bike/Hike Guide, hot off the press. Then, look at all the latest models of e-bikes you can ride, on the runway. Dozens of bicycle exhibitors, to name a few like Tern Bicycles, Riese & Müller, Yuba, GoCycle, and Serial 1 from Harley Davidson will be there. With more brands signing up each day, you are sure to see the latest and greatest in electric bike innovations.

Find your next adventure in the Hike & Bike Xperience court area

When not test riding all the fun e-bikes, explore the Hike & Bike Camp area in the center of the exhibition hall. Here find information on tourism destinations, trekking, mountain biking, and fun activities.

Plus you will find an interactive Kid’s Area at the bike expo

This family-friendly event will also have an interactive kids’ bike test track for ages 16 and
under, a children’s scavenger hunt daily, a bicycle playground with activities, and more!

Mark your calendar, then go online at E-bike Challenge to register and save!