E-bike-maintenance, and what if it needs a repair?

Just like a regular bicycle, doing an ABC (Air, Brake & Chain) check regularly can help you avoid any unnecessary repairs and maximize your e-bike investment. E-bikes aren’t a one-and-done kind of purchase. You’ll need to consider the maintenance costs or have a good warranty because repairs can a shocker.

E-bike maintenance and repair

Here are some general maintenance tips to help you avoid those costly repairs.

Regularly, do an ABC (Air, Brake & Chain) check

Before you go out for a ride, always remember your ABC’s

A is for air – check the tire pressure regularly

B is for brakes – are they soft have them adjusted

C is for Cranks, Chain, and Cassette – make sure they are clean and lubed.

Check = take a quick ride to check it all before you go on your next e-bike adventure!

Schedule a tune-up

Having an e-bike in good working order is a pleasure to ride

On average, you should schedule a tune-up with your local bike shop every six months or every 1,000 miles you have ridden. To protect your warranty, check their recommendations for service as they may differ.

A savings $$$ hint – bringing your e-bike in for a tune-up in the winter months is a good time to visit, learn, and get a good repair rate.

Other Maintainance costs

These tune-ups can range in cost depending on each e-bike’s condition, from $70 up to $250. This price can increase if they need to replace any worn components.

Having said that, maintenance costs don’t just stop there. A flat tire could cost you between $10 and $20. A tire replacement can cost up to $80 per tire. New tire tubes cost between $5 and $20.

Another maintenance factor worth considering is brake adjustments. Your brakes are likely to get misaligned from constant use. This repair can cost between $20 and $35. However, if you have a good relationship with a bike shop, some of the smaller charges may be waived, especially if you bought your bike from their shop.

What if my e-bike needs any major repairs?

First, if you have a warranty, it may cover those repairs. Then schedule a time to take it into your local shop.

If you’re buying an e-bike online, see what sort of repair service or online support the company provides. Then make sure your local or favorite bike shop can fix the electrical components of the e-bike you are selecting.