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Beyond the great construction and performance, there are also conversational reasons to choose Headsweats for your next hat.

Headsweats is helping protect National Parks through custom caps

by John Brown, HaveFunBiking.com

While strolling the isles of Interbike, there were many brands offering headwear to keep you comfortable, but none as interesting as Headsweats. Beyond the great construction and performance, there are also conservational reasons to choose a brand like this.

Headsweats the product

What sets Headsweats apart from other caps is their primary material, Eventure fabric. Eventure can be manipulated to make a textile that can be warm in one configuration or cool in another. Additionally, they can have the material feel very soft on your skin or be incredibly durable. So thanks to that fabric, Headsweats can make all sorts of caps.

Headsweats’ offers a wide range of caps

The fit

Fit for their caps is easy. They have versions that tie, flex fit versions and Velcro style closures. Once on, you will notice the sweatband (included on all caps) is soft and comfortable against your skin. Once you start sweating, these caps show why they are so popular. Within the band there is a sweat absorption ring that pulls sweat away from your eyes, then allows that sweat to evaporate three-times faster than cotton.

A Headsweat cause

Headsweats started a National Parks program in order to give back to the national parks we all enjoy.  20% of the sale of every national park hat gets donated to the parks. This season they have Katmai, Golden Gate, Rockies, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Glacier national parks. Additionally,  at Interbike they were showing an International Mountain Bike Association cap and donated proceeds to IMBA.

Glacier, Golden Gate, and Grand Canyon Hats

Why should you buy one?

With about a million different styles, there is no situation Headsweats doesn’t have covered. On top of the expansive line, they also have all sorts of colors and patterns available to match your personal style. Even if none of their designs tickle your fancy, Headsweats can produce custom caps for you and your team.