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Yeah its Friday time for another adventure photo was taken in Minnesota along the Mississippi River Trail.

Bike Pic July 21, yeah it’s Friday, and time for another bike adventure!

This bike pic Friday, it’s time to ride off for another weekend bike adventure as these cyclists and their kids demonstrate. Why not consider a bike touring weekend around Shoreview with all the celebrations going on?

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An easy bike ride to the “Slice” of Shoreview

Are you planning on visiting or looking for something to do in the north side of Minnesota’s Twin Cities Metro Area next weekend with your bike? If so, check out the popular ‘Slice of Shoreview‘ see (map). One of nine entertaining towns of the Twin Cities Gateway Area, this event on July 22nd to July 24th is at Island Lake County Park and gets better each year.

The Slice of Shoreview

 The "Slice of Shoreview" is held at Island Lake County Park with music each day.

The “Slice of Shoreview” is held at Island Lake County Park with music each day.

It’s an annual festival held to celebrate life in Shoreview. The “Slice”, as it has come to be known, takes place over a weekend of July. It incorporates a wide variety of family-oriented activities. Some of which include a carnival, parade, arts/crafts fair, food vendors, helicopter rides,  various displays, and demonstrations. Not to mention lots of  entertainment from talent shows,  the Rockin Hollywoods, and, of-course, fireworks. Since the late 1990’s, it has taken place at Island Lake Park at the intersection of Interstate 694 and Victoria Street, in Shoreview.

You will find many flavors of good things to eat at the "Slice of Shoreview".

You will find many flavors of good things to eat at the “Slice of Shoreview”.

The name Shoreview came from the range of hills surrounding the center of the area while overlooking the lakes there. Today, you can experience numerous attractions that this picturesque city has to offer. Just ten miles north of both Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Shoreview is set amidst a beautiful natural landscape for riding your bike, playing golf and having fun.

Come by bike, the "Slice of Shoreview" is easy to get to and has free bike parking.

Come by bike, the “Slice of Shoreview” is easy to get to and has free bike parking.

Shoreview’s beautiful environment includes lakes, parks, wetlands, and open space areas. There are eleven lakes here including three with public beaches. Visitors can enjoy outdoor recreation in 14 parks and the City has more than 50 miles of trails and sidewalks. And, don’t forget about the Slice of Shoreview Days, a weekend full of fun featuring an art fair, parade, and more for the whole family. See a full schedule for “Slice” here.  Have Fun!

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