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Use protection, it could save your skin….

from Barry H. Oberholzer Jr.
We have all heard it before….use protection! In the late 1990s, Baz Luhrmann released a song called “Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen…”

If you have never heard it or can’t recall the song – EnjoyI

We all get caught up in preparing for all those fun summer outings. We check our equipment, focus on nutrition, work out, and stay hydrated. However, after my last couple of triathlons, I realized I had forgotten one of the most important things. You need to apply sunscreen, something I didn’t do at my last couple of outdoor events.

Reapply sunscreen throughout the day for added protection

Whether you participate in a race or tour the countryside, you will spend most of your day in the sun. Suppose you remembered to start the day off with sunscreen applied. In that case, as you head into the second part of the day’s adventure, the lotion has started to disappear from rubbing, sweating, or maybe from a swim incorporated into your day’s activities. This is where you should take the time to reapply. Believe me, 30- seconds is all it takes to ensure you are covered. And it will protect you from the worst UV rays on the second leg of your day’s activities.

I learned this the hard way. I always knew you should apply sunscreen thoroughly before any outing or race, but I didn’t think about it while participating in my last Triathlon. The time I spent in the direct sunlight over the course of the day, adding the change from a wet suit to a tri-suit, took a toll on my skin. Not reapplying lotion – I got burned.

As I mentioned, we focus intensely on our nutrition and how we will fuel, hydrate, and keep our bodies going. Still, we sometimes forget that our biggest organ is exposed to direct sunlight for many hours. That is why one of my newest additions to my transition bag is SPF 50+ water/sweatproof lotion. It is just as important as that banana/GU Gel and a bottle of water.

So if I could give you advice from one newbie to another newbie, wear sunscreen!