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The Classic Garment Pannier is a practical bag for all your gear.

A garment pannier that will keep clothes presentable on the ride

by Russ Lowthian, HaveFunBiking.com

The Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier may be the perfect travel bag for bicyclists. Especially when packing dressier clothes for the commute to work or touring. If your next trip requires posher duds for that special event or evening attire, Two Wheel Gear has you covered. This pannier is roomy, with a universal attachment system that fits any standard bike rack. When space is needed for a suit, this pannier works perfectly for the touring cyclist and the business professional. If dress attire is not a prerequisite, the space is flexible enough to keep all your gear neat and organized.

The content in this carry-on luggage will fit into the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier.

This carry-on luggage, with a laptop, all fits into the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier below.

The items in the luggage case above comfortably fits into the Classic Garment Pannier , with room fr a sports jacket and a laptop.

Items transferred from the carry-on luggage comfortably lay in the Classic pannier.

For me, the pannier works well when exploring a new destination to write about or biking to a power meeting. See the video on this multi-functional pannier. With this bag, there are fewer chances of the clothes wrinkling when secure in the pannier. I can safely pack my laptop, presentation boards, and promotional material for meetings with the Two Wheel Gear’s Classic. As the perfect all-in-one luggage bag, this pannier also meets airline carry-on requirements. Plus, in the satchel position with the shoulder strap, it’s easy to carry.

The Classic Garment Pannier in its satchel position meets the the airline requirements for carry-on..

The Two Wheel Gear’s Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier, in its satchel position, meets airline requirements for carry-on.

The key features of the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier 

For the daily commute or a multi-day bike trip, the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier is a great addition to any cyclist’s gear inventory. With several compartments in the bag, organizing everything you need to shower and change for a productive day at the office or on a trip is a breeze.

The Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier comes with a clip on bag with a highly visible waterproof cover.

This Classic Garment Pannier comes with a clip-on bag to store the highly visible waterproof cover.

The Two Wheel Gear universal mounting system

The universal mounting clips on the bottom side of the panniers make it a snap to clip the bag onto the rear rack. That is all that is required to mount the Classic Garment Pannier (see video) easily.

Here the Classic's highly visible and waterproof cover protects the pannier from wet weather and road slush.

Here the Classic’s highly visible and waterproof cover protects the pannier from wet weather and road residue.

Waterproof, high visibility cover

In a clip-on pouch, the Classic’s cover will keep your gear dry in wet weather conditions. Using the neon green cover with reflective silver accents over the panniers also adds additional visibility to the bike. A helpful tip: If the pavement is wet and the bike lacks wheel fenders, consider using a  sheet of plastic material over the bike rack before securing the bag. This will act as a guard helping to repel moisture away from the underside of the pannier.

The panniers exterior offer reflective material and straps to attach blinking lights for more visibility.

The Two Wheel Gear panniers exterior offers reflective material and straps to attach a blinking light for more visibility.

Plus a padded sleeve for a laptop

Everything about this Two Wheel Gear bag is durable and high quality. Even the zippers to several compartments will help keep things organized. The bag also has a 15″ padded sleeve compartment designed for a laptop. This allows me the opportunity to leave my computer bag at home and use more of the Classic’s all-in-one features.

A checklist when preparing for a bike tour

With 32-days and a few hours counting until RAGBRAI’s annual ride across Iowa begins, here is a check list that the Cedar Valley Cyclist (CVC) of Cedar Falls, IA uses and shared with HaveFunBiking.com.  Thanks Brian Will, from CVC!

We hope this list helps everyone preparing for a multi-day bike adventure, to have fun.


___ Newspaper Stop   __ Mail Stop   ___ Kennel Pets Reservation

___ Tune-up Bike/ ___Clean   ___ Yard Work   ___ Check Weather Forecast


___ Duffle Bags (50 lbs max per bag)   ___ Money ($50/day est.)    ___ Wallet   ___ Insurance Cards               ___ Route Map  ___ Cap / ___Hat   ___ I.D.’s / ___Road ID Bracelet     ___ Cell Phone / ___Charger                  ___ Laptop/Tablet / ___Chargers ___ Umbrella     _Bug  Repellent / ___ Yard Spray       ___ Sun Block           ___ Chap Stick (SPF)  ___ Eyeglasses / ___Case   ___ Eye Contacts/___Solution   ___ Sunglasses /___ Straps


___ Bike (remove pedals!)  ___ Bike Shoes ___ Bike Bags (__go thru each bag)  ____ Bike Tire Pump/ CO2      ___ Bike Lights (front & back)     ___ Bike First Aid Kit  ___ Bike Tools /___ Rags / ___Oil                            ___ Bike Lock     ___ Tubes / ___Patch Kit

___ Helmet / ___ Gloves (2)  ___Bandannas / ___Headbands    ___ Fanny Pack / ___ Backpack

___ Water Bottles (2) / ___Camel Back    ___ Jerseys / ___Bike Shorts  ___ Rain Gear

___ Face towel (for on bike)   ___ Notebook Journal /___ Pen   ___ Address Book / ___Stamps

___ Business Cards   ___ Music / ___Earphones  ___ Tylenol or Ibuprofen

___ Batteries (AA, AAA, etc.)  ___ Camera/Cell Phone __Charger  ___ Head strap light

___ Gatorade Powder     ___ Ace Wraps, etc     ___ Power or Granola Bars

___ Waterproofed Tent    ___ Tent / ___Stakes / ___Mallet ___ Tent Ground Cover Tarp

___ Tent Fan__ Tent Whisk Broom___ Sleeping Bag__ Air Mattress__ Pillow/__ Covers __ Bath Towels

___ Clothes Line /___ Pins  ___ Toilet Paper   ___ Toiletries

___ Bio Degradable Soap ___ Medications ___ Ear Plugs (for sleeping)

___ Baby Powder /___ Chamois Butt’r ___ Swimsuit ___ Shorts / ___T-shirts ___ Long Sleeve     T-shirt/ ___Sweatshirt  ___ Shoes /___ Flip Flops             ___ Solar Shower Bag 3 gal. / ___Write name

___ Dirty Clothes Bag                             ___ ‘Woolite’ (if you wash)                 ___ RAGBRAI Wristband (if not bought thru CVC)

___ Gum    ___ Hand Wipes  ___ Kleenex (travel size)

___ Can Koozie     ___ Bungie Cords   ___ Book / Magazine

___ Zip Lock Bags = SM, LG, XL    ___Garbage Bags   ___ Put clothes in large plastic bags in duffle bags

___ Plastic Grocery Bags (to cover bike seat at night)      ___Heavy duty rubber bands (you’ll find a use)



BEFORE LEAVING: (if multi-modal transportation is involved):

___ Remove both bike pedals by turning wrench toward back of bike.

___ Large blanket to cover bike in truck

___ Set Cylcometer to zero

___ Put pedals in bike shoe(s) in duffle bag!!!


-Folding Chair               -Cooler                    -Bike Floor Pump