Pedal the Parks Event Shows Lakeville’s Bike Trails

Thanks to Friends of the Environment member Howard Schneider, the community in Lakeville, Minn. will offer three family-friendly bike tours this summer, showcasing the city parks while offering tips on safe riding. Each Tour will demonstrate potential routes from the miles of city trails and quiet roadways in the area. Both residence and visitors to Lakeville, all ages and ability, are welcome to take part in the rides scheduled.

Lakeville-4As a volunteer, Pedal the Parks guide Schneider will lead three 12- to 16-mile long rides on Lakeville trails and roads that will last up to two hours. All participants are required to wear helmets and will receive a Rules of the Road card and the Minnesota Trails Summer 2014 Biking issue. The ride cost is $5 per family and registrations are being accepted online or at City Hall, 20195 Holyoke Avenue. Here is the schedule for the summer bike ride tours in Lakeville – all Lakeville1rides start at 9 a.m:

The Nor’easter Tour was on June 28, with more than 35 riders starting at Steve Michaud Park, at 17100 Ipava Avenue, in Lakeville. Beating the rain this first tour passed through eight parks, four conservation areas with the Lakeville Parks and Recreation Director, Brett Altergott joining the tour. If you missed this one there are two more dates to explore city trails and bike routes.

On Aug. 9, Big Lakes District Tour, riders will meet at Casperson Park, 19720 Juno Trail and ride around several lakes including Lake Marion, which features the new trail and bridge on Kenrick Avenue.

Lakeville-2For the Sept. 20 Southern Charm Tour, riders meet at Pioneer Plaza, 20801 Holyoke Avenue and ride trails close to downtown, including the bike parade at the Lakeville Arts Festival.

Schneider, a retired Dakota County employee, said “the rides are fun, environmentally responsible and allow people a fun way to exercise”. The events could also serve as an aid for parents interested in teaching children about bike riding safety. “When we have stop signs or red lights, we all wait and go together so we can safely cross the street,” Schneider said.

For those visiting the Lakeville area who want to learn more about connecting to the hotels from the trails and fun things to do when not riding, see the At-A-Glance article.