If you are not out in playing in the snow this New Year's Day, enjoy paging through the 2019 Bike/Hike Winter Planning Guide for fun places to ride.

Bike Pic Jan 01, Happy New Year’s its a fun day to get out and ride

The first bike pic of 2020 season, we hope you get out and take time to play in the snow, making this a memorable New Year’s Day. Have fun and take a few moments to page through the pictures, maps and helpful tips we provide at HaveFunBiking.comSee the many Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin maps we have created for your #NextBikeAventure.

Thanks for viewing our first bike pic of the New Year

Now rolling into our 15h year as a bike media, our goal is to encourage more people to have fun. In this expanded e-guide issue, we have added more free bike maps to review for planning your next adventure.

As we continue to showcase more destinations you can explore, we are all about capturing fun photos to capture those memories. Hopefully, some worth a grin. As you scroll through the information and stories we have posted, enjoy!

Do you have a fun bicycle related photo of yourself or someone you may know that we should post at HaveFunBiking (HFB)? If so, please send your picture(s) to [email protected]. Please include a brief caption (for each), who is in the photo (if you know?) and where you shot the picture. Your photo submitted should be at a medium resolution or more, for consideration. If we do use your photo, you will receive photo credit at HaveFunBiking and acknowledgment on Facebook and Instagram.

As we continue to encourage more people to bike, please view our Destination section at HaveFunBiking.com for your next bike adventure. Here you will find all the information you will need when visiting one of our Community Map Partners, accessible on your mobile-friendly devices.

Please share all our pic’s with your friends and us on our Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to smile; we may be around the next corner with our HFB camera, ready to capture you for the next ‘Pic of the Day’ posts.

Have a great day and a memorable New Year!

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