The 20th Tour D’ Amico photo recap shows the fun many enjoyed on the 4th

by Russ Lowthian

In this photo recap, the Hiawatha Bicycling Club (HBC) celebrates the Tour D’ Amico (TDA) bike ride and picnic for the 20th year. A premier 4th of July bicycle celebration, it all began as a fun club gathering to bring old and new friends together to build membership and community ties. With the slogan “Eat Well, Laugh Often and Ride” the tradition of Tour D’ Amico hasn’t changed much over the years with the long-standing partnership with D’ Amico and Sons Restaurants. Each year, on Independence Day, the Tour offers several scenic route options with a fabulous picnic lunch at the end. No different this year, the delicious buffet was served al fresco style, around the water fountain at the Golden Valley D’ Amico’s location. Delicacies include special pasta salads, fresh fruit, dessert bars, and beverages as you will notice in some of the pictures below. Enjoy by all!

A special thanks to Hoang Pham for helping me shoot some of the photos you are about to enjoy.

This first picture shows Ed Newman (The 2019 TDA Director) and some of his staff enjoying dinner at D’Amicos in Golden Valley, after some preliminary TDA set-up the evening before.

Ed (in white cap) and some of the TDA Crew enjoying a meal after the preliminary set up the evening before.

Along with all the HBC volunteers it takes to make this annual holiday celebration a success, a special thank’s the TDA sponsor: D’Amico & Sons, Plymouth Hyvee, Bread Smith, Great Harvest, Kwik Trip, Tonka Cycle, Brown’s Bicycles, and Wheely Good Bikes. Please stop in and thank them for their generosity.

The 20th Tour D’ Amico bike ride and celebration

First thing in the morning as riders arrived, HBC volunteers were there to greet and direct them to where they should park their cars in the complimentary parking area.

One of our Happy TDA volunteers directing riders into the lot to park their cars.

At the registration area, riders visited with old and new friends while checking in.

TDA riders checking in for the 2019 4th of July ride.



Heading out on the first leg of TDA

With a few adjustments to the 21, 29, 42 and 62-mile routes, from previous years, riders headed towards the Plymouth Station.

TDA rider ready to roll, heading out of D’ Amico’s from the Golden Valley Shopping Center.

We caught these biker chicks heading out with Steve from Tonka Cycle in the background cheering them on.

Lifetime memories were made between this father and son duo.

Families with children of all ages had fun on TDA

Notice the great jersey this TDA rider is wearing? You can still order one, see below!

Happy TDA riders on routes riding towards the Plymouth Station.

The first TDA rest stop

These biker chicks enjoyed the shade and snacks provided by the Plymouth Hyvee while socializing at this rest stop.

Here Papa Wheely (Jeremy) is making some adjustments to keep this rider on the course.

More happy TDA riders enjoying the snacks provided by Hyvee.

A special thanks to Plymouth Hyvee and Wheely Good Bike Shop for making this rest stop possible.

On the way to Wayzata

With hydration and energy needs covered riders were back on their selected route, making their way to D’ Amico’s in Wayzata.

More riders having fun at a mid-point turn.

Here on Hunter Drive, the 29, 42 and 62-miler come together rolling down this scenic country lane.

There is always a show-off on the ride!

Riding downtown, motorists are courteous to cyclists making the community of Wayzata a bike-friendly place to ride.

You may have a chance to ride next to a vintage big wheel bike, as these TDA riders enjoyed while passing through downtown Wayzata.

The next rest stop D’ Amico’s in Wayzata

A special thanks to D’Amico & Sons Restaurant and Tonka Cycle & Ski for making this rest stop possible.

Our HBC volunteers at the Wayzata stop were eager to dish up samples of two new D’ Amico salads to try.




TDA riders out in front of D’ Amico’s

More TDA riders out in front at the Wayzata D’ Amico’s.

With that smile, you know the food is delicious.

A group photo before leaving for Hopkins.

Steve from Tonka Cycle, checking over the drive train on an e-bike.

An orange smile that compliments here jersey.

Along Lake Minnetonka to Hopkins

Rolling out on the next leg of their ride.

Leaving D’ Amico’s in Wayzata riders enjoy a cool southwest breeze off the lakes while riding along the shoreline on their way to Hopkins.


TDA riders getting ready to roll out.

One last look as riders arriving, departing and enjoying the delicious samples of foods before returning back to Golden Valley.

On the road again

A thumbs up, from this biker chick, for a beautiful day.

This lakeshore drive (McGinty Road) is popular with all types of activity as out TDA rider, following, observed.

A very happy TDA rider!

One of our HBC Ride Leaders, checking the route markings on the course.

Haooy TDA riders enjoying the route.

Not everyone is as formal as this TDA rider. I hope he isn’t expecting white table linens at the picnic?

Another father/daughter duo enjoying this year’s Tour D’ Amico.

Rolling through the neighborhoods in Hopkins the next rest stops was just ahead in Burns Park.

The Hopkins rest stop

Hydration and energy snacks were the name-of-the-game here.

A new location, due to the construction of the Southwest LRT, the Burns Park offered a relaxing atmosphere for TDA riders who stopped. A special thanks to BreadSmith, Great Harvest, KwikTrip and Brown’s Bicycles for making this rest stop possible.

John, from Brown’s Bicycle Shop, was there to help with any mechanical needs.

This rest stop had a place to cool off as some TDA riders indulged.

Cute, but sunglasses are for your eyes, not your teeth?


Time to head back for a D’ Amico’s 4th of July picnic buffet.

A short distance from the Hopkins Rest Stop, TDA riders turning onto the Cedar Lake Trail.

Heading back to Golden Valley.

All the hydration and energy stops paid off, these TDA riders looked in good form.

Many flower gardens, along the TDA Routes, were also enjoyed throughout the day!


Back to Golden Valley for a delicious picnic

Back at D’ Amico’s, in Golden Valley, TDA riders enjoyed a sinfully delicious picnic spread.

So many choices, oh my!

With a packet of mayo in hand, this TDA rider is ready to indulge.

Enjoy a 4th of July picnic lunch around the water fountain.

Happy TDA riders with a great picnic lunch, well deserved.

These TDA riders enjoying the picnic al fresco style around the water fountain.

More happy TDA riders.

She said and I quote ” If you missed all the fun this year, don’t forget to mark your calendar for TDA next year, you won’t regret it”!


Don’t be a stranger, Hiawatha Bike Club offers rides through the year

For all that have ridden TDA, thank you, the Hiawatha Bike Club enjoys sharing the routes they ide. Check the HBC Calendar and come ride with them throughout the year. Otherwise, “Eat Well, Ride Often” and they will see you on the 4th, in 2020.