On this bike pic Wednesday, as Santa departs for another year, we hope you received the gift you were looking for to make this Holiday season the best.

The top holiday gift ideas for that active person in your life

Find the perfect holiday gift for that active outdoor person in your life with our growing list of ideas. Each Friday, up through November 26, 2021, we will be adding more gift-giving ideas that will go into the holiday issue of our Bike/Hike Guide.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Pannier Backpack a convertible office

The Two Wheel Gear 2.0 Pannier/Backpack

Two Wheel Gear’s the Pannier Backpack Convertible 2.0 PLUS was voted “Best bike pannier to hold a mobile office” and is perfect for commuting, touring, and bike packing. And its plus-sized makes it easy to hold even more gear, with its organizational pockets, including a 15” padded laptop protection slot, With another pocket on the side to hold a water bottle and a clasp on the back to attach a helmet.  $179.00 See more details and order options here

HANDLE STASH – A shock-absorbing bike cup holder

HandleStash bicycle cup holder

The HandleStash cup holder is so good it is woven from the yarn of magical outspace silkworms. It looks like a million bucks, and the heavier fabric does an even better job absorbing vibrations and resisting unwanted movement. Same design as the other cup holders in the line, see video. Holds your drink with diamond hands.  $38.00 See more details and order options here

Bubi a Water Bottle: Re-Imagined

Bubi Bottle -collapse

The Bubi Bottle is an environmentally friendly water bottle made from medical-grade silicone. This reusable, collapsible, BPA-Free squeegee water bottle is also heat resistant, microwave, and dishwasher safe. This eco-friendly water bottle rolls up to fit into tiny spaces, so you can take it with you wherever you go. $24.99 See more details and order options here

Darian -Insect Shield Mossy Oak® Camouflage Shirt (Men’s)

Darian -Insect Shield Mossy Oak® Camouflage Shirt

This Long Sleeve Tech Hunting Shirt is made from a lightweight, 4-way stretch material powered by Hydroplex™ cooling technology with 50+ UPF sun protection. The shirt features activated sweat and moisture reduction, along with tested and proven EPA-registered Insect Shield®, bug repellent technologies to protect against diseases like West Nile Viruses the mosquito carries, and Lyme Disease from ticks. A comfortable shirt for that next outdoor adventure also works great as a layering piece in cooler weather for added warmth. $36.99 See more details and order options here 

Faran Insect Shield Sports Shirt (Unisex)

Faran Insect Shield Sports Shirt

Sporting a smooth texture in a crew neck style, the Faran semi-fitted, short-sleeve comes in citrine orange, cinebar red, seolfor gray, or frost white. Made of lightweight, highly breathable fabric, the shirt features Insect Shield® Technology to repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other dangerous insects. Our extreme moisture-wicking fabric is snag-resistant and quickly moves sweat away from your skin to help keep you cool and dry. Great for exploring on foot new cultures and landscapes. $29.99 See more details and order options here 

Wind-Blox Focus for bike helmet ear protection

Wind Blox | Wind-Blox Focus

Not like the bulky earmuffs of your grandparent day, the new Wind-Blox Focus biking ear covers are engineered out of soft-shell sports fabric and designed to hold in-ear warmth. Plus, the Focus still relies on the Wind-Blox patented technology to block wind noise. It stays on the helmet and helps cyclists stay tuned into their surroundings for audible riding and comfort. $21.00 See more details and order options here

Also, see their new Wind-Blox patented rim-to-clip design in three sizes for less than $20.00

 Kilo Endurance Sport Sunglasses

The new Tiposi line of Kilo Endurance Sport Sunglasses.

Tifosi Optics’ most unique cycling sunglasses, the Kilo, are designed to enhance your ride and are available in three models. Perfect for an unrestricted view of the road or trail, offering maximum coverage and ergonomic face-fit protection from the elements. All Tifosi glasses here are tested and tortured to enhance your sports activity. Regardless, if you’re running a 5k’er, riding your first century, or playing 18 holes of golf. Tifosi helps define its customers with enthusiasm to guarantee they have fun. 79.95 See more details and order options here 

Allett the hybrid wallet

Allett Wallet Card

This Hybrid Card Wallet is sleek and tidy, with space for a stack of folded bills. The wallet’s intuitive design has two internal card pockets, a clear ID pocket, and a tiny pocket built to hold the micro pen. The exterior side has one card pocket, just the right number of pockets for the person on the go.   $44.00  See more details and order options here.

The DaHÄNGER a bicycle wall hanger

DaBigRing pedal hook

The DaBigRing pedal hook is a horizontal bicycle storage system that holds the bicycle by the pedals with adjustable legs with three settings. The 18, 25, or 30-degree angle setting will allow dad to put his bike in the best position no matter the application. This pedal hook unit holds up to 65 lbs. and includes everything needed for installation. $64.00 Shop now  See more details and order options here

Spurcycle a compact bike bell

The perfect brass bell housing holds a ring longer, starting with a very hard “ping.”

A sleek and attractive bicycle bell built to standards using fewer parts and a singletrack focus. Lighter and more compact, it’s the perfect bell for your mountain bike or a flat-bar commuter. The new compact form fits (half the mount width), the bell easily fits between other components on the handlebar. This compact bell is plenty loud for off-road riding and suburban commuting, but its true advantage is how long the ring lasts (or “sustains”), ending at the same frequency. $39.00 See more details and order options here hop now 



A perfect layer under the helmet, this winter cycling cap with a visor to keep the low winter sun out of your eyes also has ear flaps to keep the chill off longer when you’re riding. The caps material is windproof and extremely breathable to block the wind and allows vapor to escape. This combination of protection and breathability will reduce the risk of overheating when you are active. $55.00  See more details and order options here



This face-warmer is lightweight, windproof, and breathable for cyclists riding in winter weather and looking for protection from the extreme cold. Along with the material’s ability to reduce the build-up of condensation or sweat. The mask also has an opening for the nose with additional holes for the mouth to allow vapors to escape. You will also find a velcro strap in the back of the mask to make easy adjustments. $35.00 See more details and order options here 



When cycling in cold weather, the windproof material of the Gore-Tex Overshoe helps protect your feet from the wind, with some insulation factors for added comfort. The design of this boot cover is easy to slip on with elastic cuffs around the ankle and a velcro opening in the back for maximum comfort and fit. Plus, the tailored design allows for clear pedal movement. $70.00 See more details here hop now

Would you please check back periodically over the next couple of weeks for more gift-giving ideas? We will have more great gift ideas coming your way. Thanks for viewing!