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Ride your bike around Lakeville and discover its cycling treasures

Your vacation time is precious, and that’s not something Lakeville takes lightly. Located on the southside of the Twin Cities, the bike-friendly small town is the perfect getaway for those wanting a break from the big city noise.

In Lakeville, you can breathe in all the fresh Minnesota air you want as you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Ride your bike along its many trails and loops, go for a nice hike, or just lay by the beach and soak in the rays (remember the sunscreen). And this is all within a bikeable distance.

More About Bike-Friendly Lakeville

One of the best parts about Lakeville is its location. It may feel as if you’re far away from the city, but you’re really only 30 minutes away from downtown Minneapolis. So even if its a last a minute getaway you need after a long week at work, Lakeville is ready to help you take your worries away.

You can also steer your bike into historic downtown Lakeville and discover its many locally-owned shops, restaurants, and more. And if you want to pair your tastebuds on this adventure, then check out the town’s local brewery and winery.

Riding options when visiting Lakeville

There are plenty of opportunities when pedaling around Lakeville. Its road and trail routes will help you get around town. And for off-road adventure checkout, the West Marion Lake Mountain Bike Trails with challenges for all skill levels. , and other easier trails taking you on a tour of the towns. No matter what kind of biker you are you’ll find a course path, full of nature and lakes, for your next adventure in Lakeville.

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

You don’t have to go far for some good mountain biking. Murphy-Hanrehan has a single-track section full of trails for all skill levels. The easy trail is just under one mile, the intermediate trail is just under 2.5 miles, and the advanced trail is nearly 7 miles. Also, the trails are connected so you can ride all three if you want to take on all levels.

Buck Hill Mountain Bike Skills Park

Buck Hill may be best known for its skiing, but the summer attracts the mountain bikers as well. It’s the perfect place for beginners, and there are even sections for those with more experience. Switching from trail to trail is easy as one connects to at least one of the others.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park

The largest park in the Dakota County park system also has plenty of mountain biking. Located at the park’s West Trailhead, there are different areas for all skill levels. Each course features different obstacles for its level of difficulty. Riders will have to face challenges such as riding over a pile of logs, rocks, sharp turns, and more. Maps are located throughout the courses to help navigation.

Road Biking

Getting around on your bike in Lakeville is relatively easy as well, especially in historic downtown Lakeville. Most of the roads have a trail running alongside them so you don’t have to worry about sharing the road with motorists.

Ritter Farm Park for hiking

If you’re looking to get some walking miles in, but also want to take it easy, give the trails at Ritter Farm Park a try. Along the way, you’ll see colorful flowers and the trail connects to another trail that takes you along Marion Lake.

An At-A-Glance Look at Lakeville

Be sure to check out our At-A-Glance Lakeville Article for more details on where to stay, play, and explore for your hand-held devices. As this story and the At-A-Glance Article are mobile-friendly for your convenience, have fun!