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More Minnesota bike events guarantee a weekend full of fun. Today, take in a triathlon, mountain biking on the Iron Trail or the St Paul Bike Classic. See Full schedule in this post.

Bike Pic Sept 11, More Minnesota Bike Events for a Weekend of Fun

More Minnesota bike events fill out a weekend full of fun. Today, take in the triathlon in Stillwater, mountain biking on the Mesabi Iron Trail, or the traditional St. Paul Bicycle Classic, to name a few. See the full September schedule in the recent HaveFunBiking post.  The  photo above was taken at last years Stat Paul Bike Classic.

See many more Minnesota bike events and places to explore, in the new Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide

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Riding your bike to the Minnesota State Fair cyclist can choose between three secure bike corrals to park their bike while visiting the Great Minnesota Get Together.

Biking to the Minnesota State Fair relieves the hassle-factor

It’s that time of the year again to go to the Minnesota State Fair and what better way to get there then on a bike. Biking to the “Great Minnesota Get Together” this last Saturday, we found the bicycle to be a hassle free way to get there. It is also a great way to burn-off extra calories from all of the things consumed on the stick. While spending a full day at the fair we found many interesting things bicycle related to share with you. releives

Ride your bike to the Minnesota State Fair

Planning to ride your bike to the fair? From On August 25th, through Labor Day, cyclists who commute by a non-motorized bike to the Fair, in St. Paul, will find three locations offering secure bike corrals. They are located at:

South Bike Lot: Como-Snelling Gate (#6)

North Bike Lot: Hoyt-Snelling Gate (#2)

West Bike Lot: Randall Ave-Buford Gate (#16)

Bike Corral Hours: 6 a.m. to midnight daily – See more info here.

Bike related things to do and see at the Minnesota State Fair

In the Minnesota State fair's Merchandise Building find a wide variety of headband for underneath the helmet.

In the Minnesota State fair’s Merchandise Building find a wide variety of headband for underneath the bike helmet.

Now that you are there walking around you can think about what you might need. Need a headband that can open up as a bonnet under your helmet to keep the sweat out of your eyes or the sun from the top of your head? In the Merchandise Market Building we discovered a vendor who is offering all types and styles of these headbands.

In the Education Building we found the new Minnesota Bike Map, free of charge, in the Minnesota Department of Transportation booth. They were also available in one of the bike exhibits up on the Eco Building.

Like parades?

At the Minnesota State Fair parade, its fun to see the uni-cyclists riding among the floats and marching bands.

At the Minnesota State Fair parade, its fun to see the uni-cyclists riding among the floats and marching bands.

Each day at 2 p.m. on Cosgrove Street you can watch the Minnesota State Fair Parade. If you are lucky you might see the Twin Cities Unicyclists Club preforming.  These single wheeled bicyclists always do some fun tricks as they pedal along the parade route. Besides the cyclists, you will see many different floats and marching bands. As the parade ends near the Eco Progress Center you can check out the “Life on a Bike Simulator” that’s right inside.

World’s biggest bike and activities within the Eco Progress Center

At the Minnesota State Fair , check out the new Kick Gas exhibit with the “World’s Biggest Bike” hanging from the ceiling in the Eco building.

At the Minnesota State Fair , see the Kick Gas exhibit, the “World’s Biggest Bike” hanging in the Eco building.

Within the Eco Building, check out a coalition of state agencies and private organizations whose goal is to get more people on bikes more often in Minnesota. And check out the new Kick Gas exhibit with the “World’s Biggest Bike” hanging from the ceiling.  You can hop onto a regular bike on the ground below, pedal and watch the gigantic 8-foot bike wheels turn above you.  Also, learn what you can do with all the t-shirts you have been accumulating through the years – grocery bags anyone? On Saturday, you can “upcycle” t-shirts into grocery bags to keep green. See more on the Eco buildings schedule and opportunities here.

Like Action, Stunts?

Up in the X-Zone, on Machinery Hill; watch some BMX’ers preform some high-rising stunts right in front of you on the amazing exhibition course there.

Is fat biking your thing?

A couple blocks south of the stunt riders, we found a bike shop promoting the growing sport of fat biking. Out of Little Canada, The House of Outdoor Gear was there with a wide assortment of fat tire and road bikes. They are also offering some great deals on biking accessories one should check out.

More bike related things to see and do

If you ride your bike in the colder months, in the Grand Stand we found an exhibitor with Green Heat brand reusable heat packs. They may be the ticket to keeping your hands and feet a bit warmer this winter. Check them out so that you are ready for the cold that is just a few months away,

In the 4-H building, check out the youths that come from around the state, demonstrate their knowledge in the Minnesota 4-H Bicycle Project. Through presentations and posters they show what they have learned on: how to choose a bike, bike maintenance/repair, and road rules to make riding safe and fun.


Hope this helps you for your next visit to the Minnesota State Fair. Did we miss something you found interesting? Please let us know, we would like to add it to our preview article for next year. Send to [email protected] .com.

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