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Reasons A Bicycle Can Make You Happy

by Matthew Ryan, BikeandBrain.com 

  1. With My Bicycle I Am In Control


Once you have regained control, taking your hands of the handlebars is second nature.

Our lives can frequently feel out of control without a bicycle in the mix. Whether it’s deadlines at work, issues at home or financial burdens, it can seem as if we are a puppet on a string. However, on the bicycle you are in control. You determine the speed, distance, and destination, for the time you are in the saddle. Establishing this sense of control on a bicycle can be beneficial in building confidence. It will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

  1. My Bicycle Is Darn Reliable

Whether you need to get work, run errands, or just go for a joy ride, your bike is ready. I have seen people ride their bikes after years of neglect. Although this is not optimal it is possible. The bike is extremely durable and can function with minimal maintenance. Learn to change a flat and you will be all set. Nothing is better than a reliable lifestyle tool.

  1. Riding My Bicycle Gives Me Time To Figure It All Out.


Learning how to fix a flat tire is a positive step in taking charge of your life.

People are curious creatures. We are constantly asking questions, like: What’s for dinner or What’s my purpose here on earth?

These questions and others often take some thought, especially if we are looking for the right answers. However, a lot of questions go unanswered with our busy schedules. We may end up ordering our dinner last-minute. We may also forget to ponder the meaning of life, which is definitely important. But, getting on the bike gives you this time. It can remove you from the outside world, allowing you to spend time pondering what is most important. Sometimes I plan my week while I ride. Other times, I try to determine who I am and how I am developing. No matter the question, a ride gives you some time to figure it all out.

* Warning: Depending on the difficulty of the question, you may need several rides to find an answer

  1. Allows Me to Multitask


Having your bike ready to ride with a friend or alone is another step in regaining control of your life.

In one ride you can run errands, exercise, and travel. The bike is comparable to a Swiss army knife. It has many functions and can accomplish many tasks. There are many add-on’s, such as panniers and a rack that can make the bike more versatile. The more versatile the machine, the more I like it.

  1. There Is Just Something about It………….

Every person who rides can understand that there is this unexplainable feeling you get from riding. We can’t quite put our finger on what it is, but it’s certainly there. It may be a single thing or a combination of many. It may also be a bit different for everyone, but every person reading this post will understand. This something is what keeps us going. It’s what keeps us coming back. It’s what makes each cyclist seem a bit creepy and obsessed with some metal and two wheels.

Source: from New York BikeandBrain.com,