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See and hear ‘Sandy MoveS’ a heartwarming and motivational presentation of a young lady living with obstacles from MS, riding an electric assit bike.

Overcoming many of the obstacles of MS with an electric assist bike

by Russ Lowthian, HaveFunBiking

This coming weekend, hear and see ‘Sandy MoveS’ with her adventures on an electric assist bike.  A heartwarming and motivational presentation of a young lady from the Netherlands who has overcome many of the obstacles living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). On stage at the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis, both on Saturday and Sunday, Sandy will share the key items that opened her thought process to regaining mobility.  Allowing her, with a pedal-assist bike, to ride a course of the Tour de France, peaking the summit of a tall mountain.

A changed lifestyle and an electric assist bike made the difference

With 45 kilo Boaz, Sandy's Rhodesian Ridgeback sitting in the dog trailer.

Sandy with Boaz, her 45-kilo Rhodesian Ridgeback sitting in the dog trailer.

In 2009, Sandy Krijnen an International speaker from Amsterdam was diagnosed with MS, and over the next few years found it hard to walk any distance. Eventually, losing control of her right leg and arm. Frustrated and handicapped-bound within three years, Sandy was determined to find a way to get her independence back. Not wanting to live a life of immobility she found by changing her lifestyle and riding an electric assist bicycle, recovery could and did take place.

The ‘Six Pillars of Consciousness is a good solution for all illnesses

In Sandy’s presentation at the E-bike Challenge, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, March 23 – 24, she will share the key items that opened her thought process to positive growth. The ‘Six Pillars of Consciousness’ to manage ‘Mindset’ that for her included: Food and what you need; Letting go of the things that bring upon stress; Making your own health choices; Finding a natural environment to help you heal; The benefits of communicating; and last and probably the most important of the six pillars, movement.

“I want to point out”, Sandy mentioned, “the fact is I will never heal my illness. MS is forever with me. It is a chronic illness with no found cure. With my lifestyle healing treatment, I can keep the disease livable. I don’t want to give hope on a total cure. Just inspire people to do all they can to have a valuable and independent life.”

The dream journey with the change in Mindset

Sandy and Boaz looking out over the countryside at the summit.

Sandy and Boaz looking out over the countryside at the summit.

For Sandy, after changing her Mindset and finding an e-bike that fit her needs, was able to embark on a dream journey. Last year, with a regained spirit and mobility Sandy completed a 1,250 miles solo cycling trip with her dog Boaz. Cycling from Friesland, a northern province of the Netherlands, to the Mediterranean Sea, she ended at the top of Mont Ventoux. One of the courses used for the Tour de France.

Come and hear ‘Sandy MoveS’ at the E-bike Challenge Stage, then stop by her booth. With the regained independence and fun support mechanisms now available discover new possibilities and adventures.

Cyclist breaks 75,000 mile bike record before turning 76

Riding his bike after turning 75 year old, in this photo, cyclist, Kurt Searvogel’s rode 230.73 miles the first day of his quest to beat a 75,000 mile world record held in place since 1939. Last Monday, before turning 76, Kurt while ridding his bike through the  Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi (video) broke the HAM’R (Highest Annual Mileage Record) with 76,066. miles ridden over the past year. (souce Alicia Searvogel)

Read more in an MPR interview about Tommy Godwin’s 1939  legendary feat and how after 76 years Kurt Searvogel pedaled past that mark.

See more about visiting Ridgeland, MS. and riding the Natchez Trace Parkway.


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