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Breathing new life into the Minnesota oldest bike ride, that has connected families and friends for decades, moves to Shakopee, MN, Sunday, July 15.

The MN Ironman Bike Ride returns this summer to Shakopee

Russ Lowthian

The Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride, which has connected families, friends, and communities for decades, will again return to Shakopee on August 14th. Free Bikes 4 Kidz (FB4K), the current beneficiary of the ride, is optimistic. With more being vaccinated and cases dropping, everyone will enjoy a bike ride that will be remembered!

Post-pandemic, FB4K has adjusted its plans for another safe experience. A fun tour including great scenery, epic routes, and the Big Taste of Fun party in Shakopee’s Huber Park. Looking forward to welcoming you back again to the MN Ironman Bike Ride this summer. Save, and help FB4K’s put more kids on bikes by registering today!

What happens to your 2020 registration?

For those who registered last year, your entry from 2020 will be applied to the 2021 event.  2020 registered riders have or will receive instructions for applying their 2020 registration fee to the 2021 ride.

MN Ironman Bike Ride

Over the years, the MN Ironman Bike Ride is always fun!

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is re-energizing the oldest bike ride in the state.

“This is an opportunity for us to continue to bring families together for a day of fun while supporting our efforts to impact more children positively,” said Tia Martinson, Executive Director for the Minnesota division of Free Bikes 4 Kidz. “We continue to hear stories from passionate people about this event. With the second year in Shakopee, Ironman riders knew can continue making memories together all day.”

This Bike Pic, yeah it's Friday, we captured this biker dude out with his daughter enjoying some spring riding as the grass greens up.

A great ride for family time.

The MN Ironman Bike Ride

Presented again by Apple Autos, the ride starts at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 14th, at Huber Park in Shakopee. Several route options are available. Several ride itineraries are available depending on age and ability, and they include a five, 37, 68.5, and 100-mile course. A Family Fun Ride will also be taking place beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Rider registration

Each registration allows Free Bikes 4 Kidz to provide a bike and helmet for at least one child, and early registration by July 1st costs $60. The ticket price will increase to $70 up to August 12th, when registration closes. Registration can be completed online at https://ironmanbikeride.org/. For local lodging and visitor options, click here.

Riders will return to a “Big Taste of Fun.”

The MN Ironman Bike Ride and Free Bikes 4 Kidz have partnered with The City of Shakopee and
JCI Shakopee for the “Big Taste of Fun” at Huber Park. The free event includes live music,
beverages, and food trucks from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The MN Ironman Bike Ride is fun for all ages!

The MN Ironman Bike Ride is fun for all ages!

About Free Bikes 4 Kidz

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is a non-profit organization geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier,
healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need. The public donates gently used
bikes; Then FB4K’s organizes thousands of volunteers to clean and refurbish the bikes before giving them away to kids in need. www.FB4K.org

This bike pic Sunday, while digging through the archives we caught this young biker chick taking a break enjoying a tasty treat with thoughts of more fun.

Bike Pic March 14, a daylight savings ice cream smiles Sunday

This bike pic Sunday, with things starting an hour with the clocks turned back, we caught this young biker chick taking a break, enjoying a tasty treat.

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