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Enjoying the colorful trees along the trail as they get close to peak.

Upper Midwest destinations with peak colors and times to ride

With the summer season officially ending on September 21st, fall is a great time to extend your bike riding adventures in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. As the leaves change colors along the miles of paved and mountain bike trails, cyclists will find a kaleidoscope of peak colors at every turn. Especially with the abundant rainfall, we have had this year. Colors along the trails and roadways are predicted to be spectacular. If the weather remains mostly sunny during the day with cooler temps at night, conditions favor stunning vistas while exploring the upper Midwest.

Fall color riding on a bike friendly road.

Fall color riding on a bike-friendly road and trails.

So, over the next month, it will be no surprise to find peak backdrops while riding. Especially using both the Iowa and Minnesota Bike/Hike Guides in conjunction with the following state color reports.

Guides and reports for easy peak colors for exploration this fall

Each year the fall color peak normally arrives in the northern one-third of the state in mid-September to early October. This year, as in the past few, the peak cycle, regionally, is running a week or so later than normal – so enjoy!

To get a more accurate gauge to the change in colors in areas you plan to explore with your bike see: Iowa’s fall color reportMinnesota’s fall color report; and for the Wisconsinsin fall color report. All three online reports are updated weekly each Thursday during the fall season.

Mountain biking fun with the leaves turning into their spectacular fall colors.

Mountain biking fun with the leaves turning into their spectacular fall colors.

Destinations and trails to enjoy during Minnesota and Wisconsin’s peak riding season

We will start with the Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide, as the color peak a bit earlier. Here, if you haven’t already, you will find over 24-Minnesota bike-friendly destination, plus information and a map of Polk County, WI. to match with the above reports.

Destinations and trails to enjoy during Iowa and Wisconsin’s peak riding season

In the Iowa Bike Guide, you will find over 18-Iowa bike-friendly destinations.

Staying safe in peak color riding season

  • Keep your helmets on! Even on off-road trails, bicyclists need to wear helmets. You are much more likely to fall on your head by locking wheels with another bike, or other hazards, then riding on a road in traffic.
  • Don’t forget to stop at stop signs on the trail, even if it’s just a driveway or gravel road.
  • And through this COVID-19 crisis wear a mask when riding in groups and use the following social distancing tips.

Enjoy nature and the many scenic peak color days ahead!