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The perfect gift for those with cold feet – GooseFeet Down Socks

The perfect solution when cold feet are an issue after fat biking, ice fishing or while sleeping. GooseFeet Gear Down Socks is a perfect solution. They also make great backcountry hut or ice house footwear with the Over-Bootie. By themselves the elastic ankle cuffs at the top of the sock ensure they stay put and keeps the warmth in. And the socks conveniently pack into a small stuff sack (included).

Choose from two lightweight materials for your Down Sock order

Two sock materials to choose from.

Choose fabric material along with several colors. Then they are filled with 850+ power premium goose down treated with DownTek for water-resistance.

10D Fabric – This new material has an amazing next-to-skin feel and is ultra-lightweight, but still has a DWR treatment and is 100% down-proof!  Colors available include Navy Blue, Forest Green, Black, Lime Green, Purple, and Brick Red.

20D Fabric – Is nylon and the most durable fabric they offer. It has a DWR treatment applied to the outside surface, so it will resist a small amount of water before allowing it to get the Down inside wet. Current colors available include Red, Aqua Blue, Magenta, Denim Grey, Hunter Green, and Black.

Socks are designed to keep your feet warm all night long

If you’d like to wear your Downsocks around camp or during midnight calls of nature, add a pair of waterproof Over-Booties to your order. They are specifically designed to fit over and protect your Down Socks during outdoor use. When purchased together, they make the perfect ultralight sock/camp shoe combo.

Order a pair from GooseFeet today!