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Todays HFB Bike Pic celebrates the national bike to work week program. An annual campaign that encourages more to get out and commute by bike.

Bike Pic May 17, yeah its Friday on National Bike to Work Week!

Todays HFB Bike Pic celebrates the national bike to work week program. An annual campaign that encourages more to get out, using a bicycle as a part of their commute. This picture with a spring backdrop was capture near Waconia, Minnesota.

What better way to continue your fun than finding your #NextBikeAdventure.  See all the great ideas and bike destinations in the 2019 Bike/Hike Planning Guide. Then plan your next outing with family and friends in one of Minnesota’s HaveFunBiking Destinations.

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Now rolling into our 12th year as a bike media, our goal is to encourage more people to have fun. In this expanded e-guide issue, we have added more free bike maps to review for planning your next adventure.

As we continue to showcase more destinations you can explore, we are all about capturing fun photos to capture those memories. Hopefully, some worth a grin. As you scroll through the information and stories we have posted, enjoy!

Share your adventures at HaveFunBiking.com

Do you have a fun bicycle related photo of yourself or someone you may know that we should post at HaveFunBiking (HFB)? If so, please send your picture(s) to [email protected]. Please include a brief caption (for each), who is in the photo (if you know?) and where you shot the picture. Your photo submitted should be at a medium resolution or more, for consideration. Please share your biking adventure pic’s with us on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or on Instagram at #NextBikeAdventure.

As we continue to encourage more people to bike, please view our Destination section at HaveFunBiking.com for your next bike adventure. Here you will find all the information you will need when visiting one of our Community Map Partners, accessible on your mobile-friendly devices.

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Bike To Work Contest Will Award $5,000 For Best Story

from the Reliance Foundry website
B1Reliance Foundry is proud to support “Bike To Work” Week with a contest that will award $5000 in gear to a cycling commuter or an organization that promotes cycling to work. Have you ridden your bike to work during the past year or are you planning to in the near future? Do you want to help encourage your employees’ use of cycling for transportation to and from work?

To show its support for conscientious commuting, Reliance Foundry, North America’s premier supplier of commercial bike racks, bike bollards, and bike storage lockers, is awarding $5,000 in biking equipment to the business professional who can most cleverly articulate how biking to work has changed their life, or how they think cycling to work could change their or their coworkers’ or employees’ lives. The contest will coincide with this year’s Bike to Work Week with the winner being announced on Bike to Work Day (May 16th, 2014). You don’t have to be a regular cyclist; you just have to have tried or plan to try cycling to work. Reliance Foundry wants to hear your story!

The contest is simple – submit your story, however you feel you can most effectively do so. There are no maximum or minimum word limits. In fact, the story does not even have to be submitted in standard written form. Reliance Foundry is looking for the presentation that most effectively communicates the experience of cycling commuters and if video or imagery is your strong suit, you may also feel free to present your bike commuting story solely in these forms. Adding rich media (info graphics, videos, imagery) will all contribute favorably to the judging of your submission. If you’ve biked to work in the past year or plan to on participating in Bike To Work Week, they would love to hear what motivated you or how you or your employees could benefit from new cycling equipment. Present your successes, your trials and your thoughts on the overall experience of cycling to work in written, video or image form for your chance to win the cycling gear of your choice.

Click here for full details, eligibility and terms and conditions.