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Cover of the 2017 Spring Minnesota Bike Guide.

The MN Bike Guide, Spring Edition is Ready For Your Next Bike Adventure

by Andrew Ellis, HaveFunBiking.com

The spring edition of the Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide is here just in time as the temperatures warm. Cyclists of all ages are rediscovering the trails and scenic country roads in the upper Midwest. Now in our eighth year publishing the Minnesota bike guide, our community map partner program has grown allowing us to include many new maps of the bike friendly areas to ride. Along with the hundreds of bike events listed, we have also added many cool product tips. Here at HaveFunBiking, we hope the latest information helps you to make the most of your #NextBikeAdventure.

Cover of the 2017 Spring Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide.

The 2017 Spring Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide is here to help you plan your next bike adventure.

MN Bike Guide Highlights

In the latest issue, along with free bike maps, you will find helpful tip sheets to keep you riding comfortably as you explore the state on your bike. To make it easier, we have added several product pages in the bike guide to make cycling more pleasant.

The MN Bike Guide is Now Mobile Friendly

In addition to our very popular Minnesota print edition, we made the bike guide mobile-friendly and easy to access. We hope you will check out the quarterly digital edition and enjoy the added convenience at your finger tips. With spring, summer, fall, and winter editions, each issue will keep you updated on seasonal progress for your next bike adventure.

Sharing is Caring

Once you’ve gone through the guide, feel free to share the link with others so they can plan their own adventures. You can even plan group trips and make memories together that will last a lifetime.

If you’re out of state looking to get a copy of the print edition for your next  bike adventure, we’ve got you covered. You can order your own print copy of the Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide for $5 to cover postage and handling. Click on the link here to get an order form.

Please share the fun you’re having on your adventures, add the hashtag #NextBikeAdventure, tag us in the photo, or email us at [email protected] for a chance to be featured in our pic of the day.