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Warm weather getaways to explore

If you are looking at slipping out to some warm weather destinations to get away, explore and play, here is D.C. Rainmaker’s Blog to give you some ideas. D.C, who travel around the world for work has been sharing his travels the last few years in his blog.


Mexico City now has nearly 40 miles of dedicated bike lanes and plans for many more. photo by: Jason Margolis

Every week is a new country and a new continent for him. In his blog, he tries to show folks a different side of the city during his visit – be it while swimming/cycling/running, or just enjoying the sight. While he doesn’t write about every single trip the places he has chronicled are organized by geographic region (mostly continents).


Here is a selfie of D.C. Rainmaker on one of his adventures

So, as the snow lingers here in most of the upper tiered regions of the United States, check out his list of travel favorites and enjoy!

Hope you found some good ideas? And if you do find a way to escape the cold and enjoy some outdoor activities in a warmer place, hopefully with your bike  and maybe with a friend or two, please share your adventures, along with photos with us at: havefunbiking.com.