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More bike handlebar real estate for all of your accessories

Kaddy Rack Expands Bikes Dashboard For More Accessories

This new bicycle holder easily clamps onto the handlebars of your bike and has an adjustable width to fit different handlebar types and styles. Introduced last year to make the annual 400-plus-mile RAGBRAI trip a bit more bearable. This new handlebar rack makes it easier to expand the amount of fun accessories a person can fit on their bike when commuting or touring.

Bicycle handle bars with front bag mounted.

Bike handle bars with front mounted bags does not leave much surface for other gadgets

For the staff at HaveFunBiking.com, we found this extended bar surface the perfect way to Add accessories. This could include a handle bar bag, room to mount camera gear and still have room for the latest gadget (headlights, bike computers, GPS units, mp3 player, phone, mini speakers, bell/horn, etc.) that we are checking out. There is even room to add a couple water bottle cages so your main hydration supply is right in front of you.

The “Kaddy Rack” is made of 6061 extruded aluminum. When fully assembled it weighs approximately 20 ounces (1.25 lbs) and is anodized in various colors. Retail price is $80 and can be order through your local bike shop or online at: http://www.kaddyrack.com/