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Learn How to Care for Your Bike Tires for a Comfortable and Safe Ride

Emergency Repairs: Fix a Flat Tire

If you ride your bike enough, you will eventually get a flat tire. This mechanical is something that can be quickly repaired, leaving you free to finish your ride. Read this step by step on how to change your fix a flat.

The Importance of a Cycling Jersey

Cycling jerseys aren’t a requirement for riding a bike, but wearing a jersey does make for a more comfortable ride. What’s so special about these jerseys? The answer is in its material, the fit and the features. Read here how to pick the right jersey for you!

When riding a bicycle, few things are as effective as clipless pedals and cycling shoes.
As we swing closer to spring here are some cycling clothes for bike riding comfortably in fluctuating temperatures.
When the weather outdoors is questionable, indoor biking in the comfort of your home is the next best thing.
The Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride is a test of both physical and mental endurance that requires preparation. Here are some tips to help you prepare and brag.

The Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride: How to Start Preparing 90-Days Out!

Moving to Waconia this year, are your feet anxiously waiting to pedal the 19, 25, 45, 55 or 100 miles route, with no running or swimming expected at this years Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride. For many it is going to test an individual both mentally and physically. However, with #BraggingRrightsGuaranteed we’re here to help you out on how to prepare.

Bike Locks: Keep Your Bike Safe While They Are Left Unattended, learn more from these helpful tips.
Routine maintenance and cleaning will keep your bike in optimal condition and make it safe to ride when you need it with these is informative tips.
Lights are essential to make sure you have the safest ride possible. Here in this photo Brian Will, from Iowa's Cedar Valley Cycling Club lead a safe ride using trails and roads near sunset.

Lights are Essential for Bicycle Visibility: Check Out These Tips for a Safe Ride

by John Brown, Lights, no matter your level of bike riding skill, are essential to make sure you have the safest ride possible. And sometimes when you’re riding in conditions without optimal visibility, you need a little added illumination. Plus, most states require bike lights to ride on a roadway (here is Minnesota’s law). That’s […]