Digital Bike/Hike Guide now quarterly

With expanded readership, more  bike events and destinations to explore throughout the year the Minnesota Bike/Hike Guide, in the digital version, is now updated and available quarterly, with this issue here.

The digital version of the fall 2015 Bike/Hike Guide.

The digital version of the fall 2015 Bike/Hike Guide.

Now, each season of the year HaveFunBiking (HFB) will update the guide with current content you are looking for. What you will find, in each digital issue of the Bike/Hike Guide are more up-to-date calendar listings: including recreational rides; races; and other types of fun bike related events; along with product  reviews and articles spotlighting destinations you will want to take your bike and explore.

After looking at this fall edition, please bookmark the site and watch for our winter edition, coming out late in November. In this next issue of the guide, along with an updated calendar event listings, checkout all the new gadgets and gear reviews in time for Christmas.

Now, rolling into our 10th year as a bicycle media, HaveFunBiking’s goal with both the print and digital versions of the Bike/Hike Guide is to continue to encourage more people to bike, while showcasing unforgettable places to ride. And with our blog, updated daily, we will continue to search and post more fun photos (worth a grin) and bike related info you are looking for. So scroll through the information and stories we post and find your next adventure.

Then, if you see us along a paved or mountain bike trail, next to a route you regularly commute by bike on or at a bicycle event be prepared to smile and wave. You never know where our camera’s will be and what we will post next, it could be a picture of you.

Have Fun!