Couple Wed at Tour de Tonka, After Meeting In 2013

by Jennie Olson, KSTP TV   photos below  Stephanie Gonyou, Sun Sailor

Fw07nwTourDeTonka4Forget the Tour de France – how about the Tour de Tonka?

The ninth annual Tour de Tonka Bike Ride took place Saturday, August 2nd in Wayzata, Minn. and there were six different routes around the lakes for the 3,000 cyclists, including one route that was 100 miles long.

Fw07nwTourDeTonka7While many people were focused on the ride, one couple was more focused on the romance. Tammy Nelson and Dan Diepenbrock got married just before ride time. They met one year ago Saturday, riding next to each other the whole time from the start line of that 100-mile route. And now, a year later they are still riding side-by-side, as newlyweds training for an Iron Man next month in Wisconsin.

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