With the days a bit colder and daylight is getting shorter for a few more weeks, there are still many more fun bike events scheduled into December.  Global Fat Bike Day, on December 1st.  With cooler temps drifting south there are still some enjoyable days to ride if you dress in layers.

Bike Pic April 06, riding into the Monday morning sun

A bike pic to remember! As the rain comes back Monday night of 30 Days of Biking, we reflect on the fond memories of January.

Whether it is on a single track mountain bike course, a paved trail or a scenic countryside road have fun before the next wave of spring rains hits in Minnesota.

Thanks for viewing our ‘Monday Morning Sun’ Bike Pic  

Now rolling into our 15th year as a bike tourism media, our goal is to continue to encourage more people to bike and have fun. While highlighting all the unforgettable places for you to ride. As we continue to showcase more destinations you can have fun at we hope the photos we shoot are worth a grin. As you scroll through the information and stories we have posted, enjoy!

Do you have a fun bicycle related photo of yourself or someone you may know that we should post? If so, please send your picture(s) to [email protected]. Include a brief caption (for each), of who is in the photo (if you know?) and where the picture was taken. Photo(s) should be a minimum of 1,000 pixels wide or larger, to be considered. If we do use your photo, you will receive photo credit and acknowledgment on Facebook and Instagram.

As we continue to encourage more people to bike, please view our Destination section at HaveFunBiking.com for your next bike adventure – Also, check out the latest  Bike Guide, mobile-friendly as we enter into our 9th year of producing print and digital guides.

So bookmark HaveFunBiking.com and find your next adventure. Please share all our pic’s with your friends and don’t forget to smile. We may be around the next corner with an HFB camera ready to document your next move while you are riding and having fun. Capturing you in one of our next ‘Pic of the Day’ posts.

Have a great day and a memorable new year ahead!

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