The last Open Streets Minneapolis for 2023

As Minneapolis continues its Open Streets series of bike/walk events for 2023, enjoy the last event scheduled for 2023 events on Lynday Avenue.  This last event will again demonstrate how congested city streets can become vibrant, pedestrian-friendly boulevards. Where people can dream, play, and explore.

More about Open Streets Minneapolis

So far, with sunny skies, the first Open Streets was held in June on East Lake Street, then on Glenwood Avenue in July, Cedar-Riverside in August, and West Broadway in September.  This last street event for car-free fun will be on Sunday, October 8th, along Lyndale Avenue.  Offering residents and visitors of all ages a chance to walk, bike, or skateboard while participating in many spontaneous play activities, clinics, food, and music offered along the Boulevard. See the schedule below for more events this year.

Except for some of the main intersections that crossed Lyndale Ave the MPLS Open Streets was car-free.

Except for some intersections, the Open Streets celebration was car-free on Glenwood Ave last month..

Open Streets Minneapolis is part of a global movement and helps people experience streets as public spaces where communities thrive. Congested city streets become vibrant, pedestrian-friendly boulevards where people can dream, play, and explore. These events aim to change how people think about their city streets fundamentally.

At each Minneapolis event, local businesses, artists, and community groups transform their streets, showcasing Minneapolis’s diversity, creativity, and culture.

See more about the event on their Facebook page.

All ages of cyclists and walkers had fun at the Minneapolis Open Streets celebration.

All ages of cyclists and walkers had fun.

Free for the whole family, here are the dates for the 2023 events in Minneapolis:

  • East Lake:  Saturday, June 10th
  • Glenwood Ave: Sunday, July 16th
  • Cedar Riverside: Sunday, August 20th
  • West Broadway: Saturday, September 16th
  • Lyndale Ave: Sunday, October 8th
Biking, running and walking everyone had fun at the MPLS Open Streets

Biking, running, and walking, everyone had fun at the event

Did you have a bike/walk event in your community to share?

If you live outside Minneapolis and have a street celebration in your neighborhood, please let us know at: [email protected], thanks!