Next Bike Adventure – Chippewa Falls, WI

At a Glance: Exploring Chippewa Falls – Fun and Food

An ideal destination for biking,  the Chippewa Falls area offers miles of paved trails with many routes on low traffic roads. It also has several mountain biking areas. After riding and exploring Chippewa Falls, you will have a chance to enjoy many activities surrounded by nature, history, culture, and arts all while having fun!

Chip Falls Biking

A biker experiencing some rough terrain on a sunny day.

Where to Bike in the Area

Chippewa Falls has many great biking opportunities from designated biking trails to scenic road rides. Hop on your bike and let your legs pedal you through beautiful parks, neighborhoods, and back country roads. Designated and marked trails include the paved Duncan Creek Parkway Trail, the Old Abe State Trail, and the the Riverview Reserve. Off road opportunities include: Hickory Ridge, Riverview Reserve, Irvine Park & Zoo, Lake Wissota State Park, and the River Road Trail. For more descriptions of each place, check here.

Available Maps for the Area

HaveFunBiking Chippewa Falls Area Map

Hickory Ridge Trail Map
Old Abe Trail Map
Irvine Park Map
Lake Wassota Mountain Biking Park
River Road Trails Map
Chippewa Co. Wisc. Bike Map


Walk/Hiking Opportunities

Many of the trails listed above area also ideal for walks and hikes.


Area Bike Shops and Clubs 

4130 Commonwealth Ave, Eau Claire, WI


Bike Shop 


12 W Spring St, Chippewa Falls, WI



Sport Shop 



Spring Street Sports | 12 W. Spring St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 715-723-6616
Erik’s Bike Shop | 4130 Commonwealth Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54701 | 715-835-6746
Chippewa Off Road Biking Association (COBRA) | 2809 E. Hamilton Ave., Suite #127,
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Overdrive Cycling Club


Where to Play When Not Biking or Hiking

21 E Grand Ave, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



10439 33rd Ave, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



125 Bridgewater Ave Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



124 E Elm St, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729




If you want a chance to kick back and relax, there are attractions for that as well. You can enjoy some of the local attractions, take a tour of the Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry & Technology or tour the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company. Perhaps Mason Shoe?

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company – tour the brewery of one of the most popular beers in America | 124 E. Elm St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 888-534-6437

Irvine Park – fun park and zoo for all ages | 125 Bridgewater Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 715-723-0051

River Bend Vineyard and Winery – tasking rooms, award winning wines, and popular events | 10439 33rd Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 715-720-9463
Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and Technology – a family museum showcasing important technology and innovation created right in Chippewa Falls| 21 E. Grand Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 715-720-9206


Where to Eat

611 N Bridge Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



213 N Bridge St, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



1701 Kennedy Rd, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



From the Bake and Brew Cafe to the popular Connell’s Supper Club, Chippewa Falls offers several interesting and charming cafes, coffee, and ice cream shops.

Chippewa Family Restaurant – award winning restaurant offering ‘American Home Cooking’ | Menu | 1701 Kennedy Rd., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 715-723-4751
Duncan’s Creek Wine Bar and Grill – chef driven collections from worldwide travels and cultures pack a meal full of flavor | Menu | 213 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 715-723-7000
Olson’s Dreamland Dairy – traditional family ice cream since 1923 | Deli Menu | Ice Cream Menu | 611 N. Bridge Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 | 715-723-4331

Click here for a full list of places to eat!


Where to Sleep When Visiting 

exploring chippewa falls wi

While exploring Chippewa Falls, remember to take a breather and get some great night sleep at one of these locations.


Public Wi-Fi Spots in the Area

Along with most hotels,  coffee shops and restaurants having Wi-Fi availability, the public library is another good option. The Chippewa Falls Public Library is located at 105 West Central St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 and can be contacted by calling 715-723-1146.

See the Chippewa Tourism Bureau for more detailed information.