This Bike Pic Wednesday, as the spring temps hit 70, maybe more, celebrate day-24 of 30-days of biking to keep your personal commitment

Bike Pic April 22, riding into a beautiful Wednesday on ’30 Days of Biking’

This Bike Pic Wednesday, as the spring temps hit 70, maybe more, celebrate number 22 of 30-days of biking. Hope you have been keeping up with your commitment and finding ways to make your spring riding fun, even with the setback in the weather earlier this week.

This photo was captured on the 2014 Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride, as riders returned to the Washington County Fairgrounds.

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Now rolling into our 15th year as a bike media, our goal is to encourage more people to have fun. In this expanded e-guide issue, we have added more free bike maps to review for planning your next adventure.

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Watch for our spring print guides in April.

As 30-Days of Biking progresses in April, the spring 2019 Bike/Hike Guides will be available soon in both print and digital format. So bookmark and find your #NextBikeAdventure.

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